monarda fistulosa plants in bloom with lavender flowers

Wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa). Photo: Elmer Verhasselt,

Updated: May 19, 2022

These are several species of Maryland native plants recommended for home gardens and landscapes. Click on the photos for details and growing information.

Groundcovers & ferns

  • fronds of native Christmas fern

    Christmas Fern

  • foamflower and phlox in flower


  • yellow flowers of native golden groundsel plant

    Golden Groundsel

  • green and gold

    Green and Gold

  • lady fern

    Lady Fern

  • lavender flowers of phlox subulata groundcover native to maryland

    Moss Phlox

  • leaves of native pussytoes plant


  • fronds of native sensitive ferns

    Sensitive Fern

  • Canadian ginger

    Wild Ginger

Native grasses, sedges & rushes

  • native blue sedge blooming

    Blue Sedge

  • native wool grass with seed heads

    Wool Rush or Wool Grass

  • native little bluestem grass with seedheads

    Little Bluestem

  • yellow indiangrass

    Yellow Indiangrass

Native wildflowers

  • alumroot


  • yellow flowers of native black-eyed Susan

    Black-Eyed Susan

  • blue wood aster

    Blue Wood Aster

  • orange flowers of native butterfly milkweed

    Butterfly Weed

  • red flowers of cardinal flower

    Cardinal Flower

  • red flowers of wild columbine

    Eastern Columbine

  • blue spikes of flowers on Maryland native baptisia australis perennial plant

    False Blue Indigo

  • white flowers of native foxglove beardtongue plants

    Foxglove Beardtongue

  • blue flowers of great blue lobelia plant

    Great Blue Lobelia

  • yellow flowers of native golden groundsel plant

    Golden Groundsel

  • purple flowers of native joe pye weed

    Joe Pye Weed

  • purple flowers of new york ironweed plant

    New York Ironweed

  • pink flowers of native rose mallow plant


  • orange flowers of turks cap lily

    Turk's Cap Lily

  • pink flowers of wild bergamot plant

    Wild Bergamot


  • Black huckleberry shrub

    Black Huckleberry

  • fothergilla flowers


  • white flowers of hillside blueberry shrub

    Hillside Blueberry

  • black berries are produced on female inkberry plants - ilex glabra

    Inkberry Holly

  • Leucothoe


  • Bloom of the native shrub mapleleaf viburnum.

    Mapleleaf Viburnum

  • gray berries on female bayberry plant

    Northern Bayberry

  • red berries on a chokeberry plant

    Red Chokeberry

  • smooth hydrangea

    Smooth hydrangea

  • white flower of clethra alnifolia native shrub

    Sweet Pepperbush

  • White flowers of Virginia sweetspire native plant

    Virginia Sweetspire

  • red berries of winterberry holly

    Winterberry Holly


  • red fall foliage of native blackgum tree


  • small redbud tree in bloom

    Eastern Redbud

  • Eastern redcedar berries

    Eastern Redcedar

  • hawthorn tree fruits

    Green Hawthorn

  • small multistemmed serviceberry tree with white flowers


  • fall foliage of native white oak tree

    White Oak

Additional resources

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