green and gold

Green and gold. Photo: Miri Talabac, University of Maryland Extension

Updated: July 12, 2022

About green and gold or golden star

Chrysogonum virginianum
Herbaceous flowering perennial
Daisy family

Maryland distribution: In rocky, open woodlands; Prince George's and Allegany Counties and along the C.&O. canal below Cumberland

Height: 6 to 12 inches high; can spread up to 18 inches
Blooms: golden yellow, 1-inch diameter daisy-like flowers; spring through early summer
Sun: part sun to shade
Soil: dry to moist

Garden use & maintenance: Grows best in light shade in well-drained soil. Foliage can be semi-evergreen in mild winters. Don't overfertilize or water except during drought. Seems to thrive when neglected. Requires very little maintenance. Propagate by division in last spring every two to three years. Seedlings can also be found at the base of mature plants and transplanted to other areas.

Compiled by: Ria Malloy, Horticulturist & Program Coordinator, Home & Garden Information Center. 2022

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