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We connect Maryland residents to trusted, science-based resources to grow healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities. Send us your questions, view gardening resources, and connect with the Master Gardener Program for local classes and other learning opportunities in person. All are welcome!


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    Master Gardener Program

    Master Gardeners are volunteers who combine their love of plants, people, and the environment to help Maryland residents grow healthy gardens.

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    Gardening Resources

    Explore all gardening topics: native and invasive plants, food gardening, tree and shrub care, soil improvement, indoor plants, diagnosing problems, and more.

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    Ask Extension

    Get answers from our team of Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists, Extension Faculty, and Master Gardeners.

Hot topics

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    Climate-Resilient Gardening

    Selecting heat-tolerant crops and cultivars is one strategy for addressing warming temperatures. Some edible heat-tolerant crops to try in your garden this year include Southern peas (cowpeas), yardlong (asparagus) beans, okra, and sweet potatoes.

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    Seed-Starting Guide

    If you want to grow an edible garden from seeds, now is the time to get started. Master Gardener Erica Smith shares tips for selecting seeds, pots, and growing medium. Learn what seeds need for good germination: light (or not), warmth, and water. 

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    February Tips & Tasks

    Start fertilizing indoor plants; set up a system to compost kitchen scraps; seeds for onions, cabbage, perennial herbs, Echinacea, and bee balm can be started this month; plan your garden calendar using the average last frost date for your area.

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