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The Home and Garden Information Center (HGIC) develops and delivers science-based, sustainable gardening and integrated pest management education for better human and environmental health. All residents of Maryland are welcome to send questions to Ask Extension, view our online resources here and on our Maryland Grows blog, or visit a local Master Gardener Program for answers to residential gardening questions.

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    Food Gardening

    How to grow your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables in Maryland! Learn all about raised beds, container gardens, and recommended varieties.

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    Learn about beneficial insects, insect friendly gardens and how to identify and manage insects indoors and outdoors.

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    Yard & Landscape

    How to grow healthy plants indoors and outdoors in Maryland, how to identify and manage problems while respecting the environment.

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    Climate-Resilient Gardening

    Adapt your garden to climate change. Compost yard and food waste, plant a tree, improve your soil, and grow heat-tolerant vegetables. Every action counts!

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    Summer Vegetable Gardening

    Beans, squash, and cucumbers can be direct sown into your garden through the end of July. Sow seed for fall transplants of broccoli, kale, turnip, and cauliflower in flats or containers by the 3rd to 4th week in July.

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    July Tips and Tasks

    Check the soil moisture around newly planted trees at least once each week and keep up with watering; leave grass clippings on your lawn; cut back mums and asters by mid-July; remove standing water around your yard to prevent mosquitoes.

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    Ask Extension

    Get answers from our team of Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists, Extension Faculty, and Master Gardeners.

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    Maryland Grows Blog

    Get timely tips about food gardening, soil improvement, trouble-shooting plant problems, and supporting pollinators in your landscape.

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