For over 100 years, University of Maryland Extension has provided education and assistance to the state of Maryland and its people in the areas of agriculture, youth development, public health, and environmental responsibility, and we strive to continue that long-standing tradition. Our expert faculty and support staff engaged over 400,000 residents last year, delivering programs in person and online, serving all 23 counties and Baltimore City. 

But we don’t do it all alone.

UME partners with over 5,000 groups, organizations, agencies, and institutions, tackling problems ranging from mental health and the rural opioid crisis, to helping farmers feed more people and stay profitable in uncertain times. We also engage almost 6,000 volunteers, working together to see Maryland’s youth develop into future leaders in a thriving state and environment.

We invite you to review our annual report and five-year strategic plan to learn more about how we serve Maryland’s communities. We continue to develop research-based scientific solutions and provide the expertise, resources, and knowledge for a better, healthier, more profitable Maryland.

  • 2020 Annual Report

    2020 Annual Report

  • Five Year Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan