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The Home and Garden Information Center (HGIC) is a state-wide program that provides outreach education to Maryland residents and beyond.

Our vision

People gardening and managing land in harmony with nature.

Our mission

Develop and deliver science-based, sustainable gardening and integrated pest management education for better human and environmental health.

HGIC has been a national model for outreach education since 1990. Our success is the result of interdisciplinary programming and multiple learning/teaching modes. Our educators develop web resources and are engaged in social media, direct online client consultations, classroom instruction, hands-on training, and demonstration projects.

Yard and garden questions

Questions and images can be sent anytime to Ask Extension. HGIC's Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists will reply to your garden, plant ID, and pest questions.

Our annual reports

PDF 2022 Home & Garden | Master Gardener Annual Report
PDF 2021 Home & Garden | Master Gardener Annual Report

Our staff

Name Contact Information
Jon Traunfeld
HGIC Director, Extension Specialist, Fruits & Vegetables
410 531 5572
David Clement, Ph.D.
Extension Specialist
Plant Pathology
(20% HGIC; 80% commercial industry)
410 531 5558
Allyson Rogan 
Business Services Specialist
Home and Garden Information Center
410 531 1763
Stephanie Pully
State UME Master Gardener Coordinator
410 531 1754
Christa Carignan
Digital Horticulture Education
410 531 1752
Miri Talabac
Horticulture Consultant
Chris McComas
Horticulture Consultant
Emily Porter
Horticulture Consultant
Kaitlyn Baligush
Program Management Specialist
State Master Gardener Program

We're becoming a UMD Green Office!

We support the University of Maryland Green Office and SustainableUMD goals: 

  • Recognize and reward leadership in sustainability
  • Support the University’s Climate Action Plan and Strategic Plan
  • Further integrate sustainability into campus culture
  • Conserve water, save energy, minimize waste, and save money

Our office is currently working to achieve Bronze certification. For more information on the Green Office Program, go to www.greenoffice.umd.eduFor more information about UMD campus sustainability, visit www.sustainability.umd.edu.

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