orange flowers of turks cap lily

Turk's-cap lily (Lilium superbum). Photo: Steven Katovich,

Updated: March 6, 2023

About Turk's cap lily

Lilium superbum 
Perennial Forb
Lily Family

Maryland Distribution: Wet meadows, stream banks, throughout Maryland. 

Height: 3-5 feet
Blooms: yellow-orange to orange-red; July - August
Sun: full sun to partial sun
Soil: moist to wet soil

Garden Use & Maintenance: Specimen plant, mixed borders, pollinator gardens. You may have some difficulty finding plants to purchase, and when you do, mature specimens will cost more than most garden perennials. A plant must be 7-years old before it begins to flower. A mature plant can carry up to 30 spectacular flowers, each 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Of the 20 recommended native plants, this is by far the most challenging, perhaps not suitable for the beginning gardener. 

Wildlife: Pollinated by hummingbirds and swallowtail butterflies. A favorite of voles, bulbs should be caged for protection in vole-prone areas. Deer overpopulation is wiping out our wild populations. Not recommended for gardens unless protective measures are in place.

orange flowers of turks cap lily

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