Selection and Care of Flowering Plants

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Updated: July 22, 2021

Soil Testing and Soil Testing Labs

Everything you need to know about soil testing.
garden soil in basket
Updated: August 4, 2021

Overwintering Tropical Plants

With some care, tropical plants can be overwintered to be used again in the next growing season.
bright yellow hibiscus flower
Updated: May 25, 2021

Spring Daffodils

About spring daffodils
blooming daffodils
Updated: May 14, 2021


Growing vines in Maryland
clematis jackmanii vine
Updated: May 4, 2021

Starting Seeds Indoors

Just about seeds can be started inside before planting outside. With a small investment and a bit of space, you can grow hundreds of healthy transplants.
an array of vegetable seed catalogs
Updated: May 3, 2021

How to Plan and Maintain a Perennial Garden

Beautiful flower gardens take a bit of planning to reap the full benefit.
mixed flowerbed
Updated: April 30, 2021


Growing groundcovers in Maryland
iris cristata groundcover
Updated: April 12, 2021


Growing perennials in Maryland
Updated: April 10, 2021


Growing daffodils, crocus, tulips, and other types of flowering bulbs in Maryland
white daffodils
Updated: April 10, 2021

Dividing Iris

Dividing iris
dividing iris