flowering ground ivy

Ground ivy photo by C. Carignan

Updated: September 16, 2021

Accurate plant identification and understanding the lifecycle of the plant are essential when it comes to weed management.

  • Identify common grassy, broadleaf, or woody weeds using the photos below. Click on the name of the plant to view details and management recommendations.

  • Weeds also can be identified by the season of active growth: spring, summer, and fall.

Basic tips for weed control

  • Minimize soil disturbance. Digging and cultivating brings weed seeds to the surface. When exposed to light the seeds will germinate. 
  • Cover bare soil with groundcovers or mulch. Bare soil is an invitation for weeds to move in.
  • Do not let weeds flower and go to seed. At a minimum, cut them back or use a string trimmer.
  • Pull weeds when the soil is moist. This will make the job easier!