invasive porcelainberry vines and foliage with blue berries

Porcelainberry (Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata). Photo: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,

Updated: February 22, 2023

About Porcelainberry (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata)

Life cycle

Woody, deciduous perennial vine similar to wild grape; invasive. At one time commonly sold by the nursery trade

Growth habit

Climbs by tendrils; leaves alternate, dark green, maple-shaped with toothed margins, vary from slightly lobed to deeply cut

tendrils of porcelainberry
Photo: James H. Miller, USDA Forest Service,


Seeds and regrowth from roots

fruit of porcelainberry
Photo: Karan Rawlins, University of Georgia,

Conditions that favor growth

Common in moist shady environments

Cultural control

Remove plants to the ground before seeds are formed and dispersed; may take several seasons of manual removal to get under control

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