4-H Member Forms

Diamond Clover

Diamond clover forms can be found on the Maryland 4-H website here.

Animal Science

Lease Paperwork

Maryland 4-Hers may own or lease their project animals. 4-H Members may not have both owned and leased animals within the same project area during the same 4-H year (which runs January 1 through December 31). Deadline for lease agreements is June 1st annually or prior to your first 4-H event, whichever comes first.

ID Cards (Alpaca, Dog, and Horse)

If you are planning to show or participate in any alpaca, dog, or horse events during the year, you need to register your 4-H project animal with the Frederick 4-H Office by completing a Maryland 4-H identification card. Deadline to file is June 1st of the current year.


The site will open in March and remain open through July each year. Completion of this program is required to show your project animal(s) in County and State 4-H Shows. The deadline to complete the training is July 1 of the current year for Frederick County 4-H members. Click here for Program Guidelines and Tips.


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4-H Club Organizational Leader Forms

Due Date Forms
Due by 1st Friday in February

Record Book Details and Information

Other Forms

Due by June 1st
Due by August 31
Due by September 1
  • Diamond Clover Forms (Levels 5 and 6)
    • Please submit Level 5 or Level 6 Proposals to the Frederick County 4-H office by September 1. The Frederick County 4-H Educators will review the proposals and schedule a meeting prior to September 15 to review and recommend changes. 
    • The final Diamond Clover Level 6 proposal is to be uploaded into Maryland 4-H's Level 6 Proposal Portal by September 30.
    • The Cluster Committee will review all Level 6 Proposals submitted through the portal (by September 30) to Maryland 4-H, and will send feedback for changes that need to be made to the proposal by December 1 for the Cluster Committee's approval.
As needed at least 30 days prior
to event/purchase


Other Resources: https://extension.umd.edu/programs/4-h-youth-development/volunteers


Topic Resources
Club Management

​​​​​​​Maryland 4-H Club Leader Guide

Family Guide

Member Guide

Virtual Officer Training

Maryland 4-H Officer’s Handbook

Maryland 4-H President/Vice President Workbook

Maryland 4-H Club Treasurer’s Handbook

Maryland 4-H Officer Training Facilitator Guide

Maryland 4-H Virtual Club Elections Guide

Frederick County UME/4-H Financial Guidelines

Volunteer Handbook - 2020


Risk Management

Maryland Tort Claims Act and Volunteers

UME Universal Precautions and Volunteers

UME Volunteers as Youth Advocates

Incident/Accident Report Sample

Maryland 4-H Code of Conduct - Adult (1/2021)

Maryland 4-H Code of Conduct - Youth (1/2021)

COVID-19 Guidelines

Maryland 4-H Baseline Conditions as of July 1, 2021

Maryland 4-H Activity Attendance Record

Restoring Maryland 4-H In-Person Programs as of July 1, 2021