Diamond Awards and Scholarship

All 6 Diamond Clover Awards

The Diamond Clover Award Program engages 4-H youth in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire skills related to leadership, community service, civic engagement and advocacy. The award consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate goals with supportive volunteers and community members. The Diamond Clover Project is one-way 4-H youth can make a lasting difference in their community. 

Diamond Clover - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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The first five levels are listed below. Click on the Word file to begin the process for the level that you are on. Starting with Level One and working your way up each year. 

Level One Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
Level Two Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
Level Three Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
Level Four Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
Level Five Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE

Diamond Clover Level 6


Diamond Clover – Level 6 applications are due to the state 4-H Office by September 30th. Your local program Educator and Diamond Clover Advisory Committee will need to review your proposal before you submit your proposal to the PORTAL below.  After your Educator approves your proposal, download all documents, fill in all information, then upload them to the Portal below.

Level Six Service Learning Project Proposal Form (Word Version HERE) - This is your planning document and your proposal form.


Submit PROPOSAL Documents to this portal ONLY. Final project reports are to be submitted to the portal below. ALL documents must be uploaded into the PORTAL to be considered submitted. If you are having problems uploading, please consult your County/City 4-H Office for assistance.

Separate Diamond Clover Level 6 into 2 boxes. 1st box is for Proposals and 2nd box is for Final Reports

Diamond Clover- Level 6 Final PROJECT Reports

Once you have completed your approved Diamond Clover Project and you have received all appropriate signatures on the final report cover page, submit your Diamond Clover level 6 report pdf and Word Version and support materials by September 30th in the Portal link below.


Diamond Clover Level 6 Final Report Requirements:  

  1. Level 6 Diamond Clover Final Report Cover Page with appropriate signatures included
  2.  Project Logs – The Financial & Work Logs used throughout the project which are located on the last pages of the proposal document.
  3. Summary/Reflection – 2- to 4-page synopsis of your project including the following information:
  • brief description of your project and the need it addressed
  • what you learned and accomplished
  • any changes you would make if you did the project again
  • any challenges you faced and how you overcame them
  • the plan for sustainability
  • educational/promotional efforts
  • description of the most important life skills you learned and applied as you worked on the different stages of your project
  • Note: this is one complete essay. It should have continuous flow.
  1. MD 4-H Gala Write-Up – A synopsis of your overall project that may be read (2 minutes or less) at the Maryland 4-H Gala. You may use information from the Overview Section of your proposal or the Summary/Reflection (see above). This write-up should be written in first person “I chose to…An obstacle I overcame was…” etc.
  2. Photos – Any photos that document your project, if applicable
  3. Public Relations – Examples of social media, news articles, or other sources that document recognition of your project, if applicable

If appropriate guidelines are not followed, project will not be recognized. All dates must be observed to achieve recognition.

Maryland 4-H Scholarship

Each year Maryland education scholarships are awarded to current Maryland 4-H members or alumni(ae) who will be enrolled at an accredited college, university, or post-high school vocational program in the fall of the year in which they apply. 

Visit the Maryland 4-H Foundation website for more information and the scholarship application scholarships.