Communicating upcoming opportunities to our 4-H youth, families and community members is important to us.  We have a few different ways we communicate to keep people in the know about what is happening in Frederick County 4-H!

The Spark Newsletter:

  • Biweekly Frederick County 4-H news and notes focusing on 4-H opportunities, events and important deadlines that are coming up. 
  • Distributed electronically via email and posted on our FaceBook page. Go ahead and Subscribe to be in the know!
  • Archived editions are posted here on our website.

The Reporter Newsletter:

  • This newsletter will recap 4-H events and club activities and will be available on our website and emailed out to 4-H youth members and volunteers.

Social Media:

If you have something to share please contact Kim Krasauskis at We’re always looking to share great 4-H activities!