School Programs

A student holds a chick that hatched in their classroom as part of the Embryology program.

Ms. Donielle teaches a 3rd grade class about chickens as part of the Kids Growing with Grains program.

Ms. Donielle and Ms. Sara go over the parts of an egg at the Kids Growing with Grains in-school field trip.

A freshly-hatched chick in its incubator as part of the Embryology program.

Students make healthy pizzas and learn about whole grains through the Kids Growing with Grains field trip.

Students learn about soil composition while performing a soil shake up experiment.

Students build and test their bottle rockets through STEM programs.

4-H Embryology - School House Chicks

This exciting and interactive project gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on life experience by hatching chicks in the classroom. This school enrichment program runs 28 days which includes one week of caring for and raising baby chicks in your classroom. Each classroom will receive one dozen fertile eggs, and use of an incubator, as well as all the supplies needed to have a successful hatch. This project can teach basic biology, STEM and life science to students, as the young people eagerly look forward to their baby chicks arriving. Program offered during the Spring Semester (February - May)

A Supplemental Online Resource was developed to complement the classroom experience for students. The School House Chicks Bitmoji classroom includes games, stories, videos and much more for your students to enjoy in your classroom or at home. 

Bitmoji Classroom

4-H Agriculture Literacy

Today many children are 3 to 4 generations removed from living on a farm. It is important for students as the next generation to understand the importance of agriculture in their everyday life. The 4-H Ag Literacy program increases students' knowledge about agriculture in their local community and 4-H.  Annually an agricultural themed book is shared by the 4-H Educator with the classroom. A hands on activity is provided along with a copy of the book for the school library and supplemental lessons to be used in the classroom following the visit.  Program offered during the Spring Semester ( March - June)

Kids Growing with Grains

The Kids Growing with Grains program is supported through a grant by the Maryland Grain Producers and administered by faculty from University of Maryland Extension and Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station. 

3rd Grade - Agriculture Education at your school. KGWG 3rd Grade is an opportunity to introduce students to the sciences behind whole grains. University of Maryland Extension Faculty bring a 1 day onsite field trip to your school for students to learn about soils, plants, healthy food options, and eggsploration with our 4-H chickens. Program offered during the Spring Semester. (May)

4th Grade - A day at the farm. Since 1994, the Kids Growing With Grains program has been offered to 4th grader students from across the county. For most of the audience, this is their first trip to a farm. Students participating in the all-day field trip visit four different "stations" to learn about grain production, animals, consumption, and nutritional benefits at the University of Maryland Agricultural Research Station in Boonsboro, MD. Program offered during Fall Semester (October).


Frederick County 4-H has partnered with Frederick County Public Schools, Frederick County Public Libraries, and the YMCA to offer STEM programming across the county.

Some examples of our STEM programs include creating bottle rockets, launching marshmallow catapults, and computer programming with ozobots and Scratch.

If STEM is something that interests you, Frederick County 4-H has a club where their main focus is STEM and robotics. For more information about our Robo Rangers club, visit our Join 4-H page.


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