LEAD Maryland Fellowship Program Class XIII (2024-25) Applications Due October 1

August 15, 2023

The LEAD Maryland Foundation, in collaboration with program partners, including the University of Maryland Extension (UME), is accepting applications for the LEAD Maryland Fellowship Program Class XIII for participation in 2024-25. Designed as a premier leadership development initiative, this UME Signature Program is tailor-made for individuals committed to making a difference in agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities.

The two-year fellowship offers a unique opportunity for selected participants to engage in an immersive learning experience. The class will have up to 25 exceptional emerging leaders. With its inception in 1998, the statewide program boasts a comprehensive curriculum that includes skills training, public issues education, and invaluable networking with professionals across the agriculture, natural resources, and rural sectors. The program expands one’s leadership abilities, communication skills, confidence and personal growth.

Emily Wilson, President of the LEAD Maryland Foundation and an esteemed alumna of the program, states, "LEAD Maryland stands as an invaluable platform for skill refinement, specifically designed for individuals within agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities, seeking to further elevate their capabilities in service to their communities. The dedication to this program yields substantial dividends and proves to be an effort well worth undertaking."

Susan Harrison, Executive Director of the LEAD Maryland Foundation, affirms, "We're at an exciting juncture in the LEAD Program's evolution. With 25 years of experience and twelve accomplished cohorts, we eagerly anticipate welcoming the next group of trailblazers, eager to learn, evolve, and lead. Notably, we've revamped the LEAD seminar calendar, introducing more manageable two-day seminars in the second year of the program to cater to participants' time commitments."

Applications for the 2024-25 Class XIII are open through October 1, 2023. For more details about the fellowship program, class calendar, scholarships, and the application process, please visit www.leadmaryland.org.

The LEAD Maryland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, collaborates closely with the University of Maryland Extension and many other partners to provide the Fellowship Program. See www.leadmaryland.org to learn more about the organization’s funders and board. To inquire about the Fellowship application or explore donation opportunities, kindly reach out to Susan R. Harrison at 410-827-8056 or via email at leadmd@umd.edu.