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4-H clubs are located throughout Calvert County for youth between the ages of 8 and 18. Clover Club programs are open to all children ages 5-7. 4-H'ers learn life skills and leadership development through a variety of 4-H projects. Although a 4-H'er may take on any project, some clubs specialize in a specific project area. 

Learn about adult 4-H Volunteering opportunities here. Contact us for more information about the 4-H clubs near you or about applying to become an adult 4-H Volunteer.

For more information, please contact the University of Maryland Extension, Calvert County Office at 301-855-1150 or 410-535-3662 or email calvert4h@umd.edu.

Kirsten Cowan, 4-H Educator, 4-H Youth Development - Email: kcowan@umd.edu 
Ari Strahl, Program Assistant, 4-H Youth Development - Email: astrahl@umd.edu
Janet Sefton, Program Assistant, 4-H Youth Development - Email: jsefton@umd.edu

Keep tabs on our 4-H fall festivities:

  • Southern Calvert 4-H workshops

    Southern Calvert 4-H Workshops

    Tuesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Homeschool and Flexible Schedule 4-H Workshop Series Fall 2022

    Homeschool & Flexible Schedule 4-H Workshop Weries

    Wednesdays 1:00pm-2:30pm

  • Animal Science Workshop Series

    Animal Science Workshop Series

    Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Maryland 4-H Family Guide

    Maryland 4-H Family Guide

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4-H Online Enrollment

4-H Online

Maryland 4-H uses an online member management system called 4-H Online. These guides have been prepared to assist families in creating member profiles and enrolling in 4-H using the 4-H Online system. Contact your local 4-H Office for more information.

How to Enroll in 4-H Online:
New 4-H Volunteer Applicants
Returning 4-H Volunteers
Youth & Cloverbuds

4-H Online Enrollment

Learning Resources

Learning from Home
More Information

University of California-Santa Clara County Virtual Field Trips
More Information

Stop Motion Animation for Beginners
More Information
You Matter Articles (Provided by the Nurturing Social Empowerment and Resilience Team)
Maryland 4H Families we care about your wellbeing and are committed to bringing you educational resources to better your overall health. Each week we will provide articles related to self-care, resiliency, empowerment, and mindfulness for you and your family. We hope you enjoy these weekly tips and inspiration.

Article 1 - The Five Senses, Headspace App, Raising the Mindful Family
Article 2 - Go on a Safari, Grateful App, 52 Journal Prompts for Kids on Self Esteem & Confidence
Article 3 - Tense and Release, How to Teach your Children about Self-care, Tips for Working From Home
Article 4 - Just One Breath, Why I am Grateful, Building your Resilience
Article 5 - Nature Sit Spots, Day One Journaling, An Indoor Nature Connection guided practice
Article 6 - Beginner Mindfulness, Self Care With Your Phone, Teaching Children Self-Reliance
Article 7 - Everyday Mindfulness Explain and Short Exercise, Mind Dump, Growing Up Resilient
Article 8 - Mindful Humor, Feeling Zoom Meeting Fatigue?, Isolation Wellbeing: Every Day, Maintaining a Sense of Humor
Article 9 - Keeping Perspective, Helping Kids Manage Disappointment over Cancelled Summer Plans, So You Had a Bad Day
Article 10 - 4 Easy Art Projects to Help You Relax & De-Stress, Art As Self-Care, How to Be Mindful When Making Art
Article 11 - Mindfulness at Work, Fitbit Data and COVID-19, The New Normal
Article 12 - Self-Compassion-Be Kind to Yourself, How Self-Compassionate Are You?, The Transformative Effects of Mindful Self-Compassion
Article 13 - Mindfulness in the Outdoors, Nature is a Natural Healer, Make a Connection to Nature
Article 14 - Enjoy the Holidays More with Mindfulness, Uplift Radio, Three Ways to Keep Coping
Article 15 - Improve Your Active Listening Skills, Music for Self-Care, The Skill of Listening
Article 16 - Empathy Activity: Pass the Ball, Self-Care Tips for Empathetic People, The Power of Empathy (and one surefire way to know if you're missing it)
Article 17 - Playing and Dancing, Letting it All Go, Adults Need Playtime Too, The Benefits of Play in Children

Marketing Your 4-H Projects
4-H Marketing Magic is a 4 part series to challenge 4-H members to think marketing.

Watch on YouTube

Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship (ACE)
The ACE Virtual Center is an online resource designed to help prepare the next generation for careers in agriculture. Understand the importance of agricultural systems across Maryland. Learn more about the STEM related opportunities offered to help youth become more involved in experiential learning activities surrounding agricultural careers.

Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program (K-12 Students and 4-H Participants) focuses on several interesting program areas that can each tie into careers in agriculture and related fields; they include: animal sciences, engineering and technology, environmental sciences, healthy living, and youth civic engagement and leadership. 

More information about 4-H Agriculture and STEM programs and why youth should get involved can be found on the National 4-H website.

Club Administration

Calvert 4-H Event Scholarships and Financial Awards

Calvert County 4-H Scholarship
Guidelines for 4-H Event Scholarships and Financial Awards

Maryland 4-H Scholarship
Each year Maryland education scholarships are awarded to current Maryland 4-H members or alumni(ae) who will be enrolled at an accredited college, university, or post-high school vocational program in the fall of the year in which they apply. 

Visit the Maryland 4-H Foundation website for more information and the scholarship application.


Diamond Clover

All 6 Diamond Clover Awards

The Diamond Clover Award Program engages 4-H youth in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire skills related to leadership, community service, civic engagement and advocacy. The award consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate goals with supportive volunteers and community members. The Diamond Clover Project is one-way 4-H youth can make a lasting difference in their community. Visit the Maryland 4-H Youth Development website for more information.

Animal Projects

Maryland Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance Training

The 2021 Maryland 4-H On-Line Animal Husbandry and Quality Assurance  (AH&QA) program is open and will remain open through August 10, 2021.

To be eligible to exhibit their project animals in Maryland County 4-H and State 4-H Shows, all 4-H members enrolled in alpacas, beef, dairy, goats, horse and pony, llamas, poultry, sheep, swine and rabbits are required to have completed the AH&QA on-line training.

Each County sets a date which can be prior to the mandated State deadline for the Maryland State Fair.  Calvert County's date is the same as for the Maryland State Fair.

Program Guidelines On-Line Training

4H Code of Animal Science Ethics Form - Required for all 4-H animal science projects.

Livestock Registration Form -

Market beef due January 1st, year of project.  

Market goats, sheep and swine completed online by June 1, 2020. 

Breeding heifer, goats, sheep and swine completed online by July 1, 2020.

4-H Dog Project Registration - Online by June 1, 2020.

4-H Horse Project Registration - Online by June 1, 2020.

4-H Poultry, Rabbit and Cavy Project Registration Form - Online by June 1, 2020.

4-H Poultry, Rabbit and Cavy Information Sheet

Animal Science Project Record forms

Record Books