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4-H is the largest youth development organization in the United States, with about 6 million participants and over 25 million alumni!

The Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program provides a supportive setting for youth to reach their fullest potential. Children learn beneficial cognitive and life skills through community-focused, research-based, experiential educational programs. Participation is open to all youth ages 5-18. The Clover Program is open to youth ages 5-7 years and the 4-H Program serves 8-18-year-old participants. 4-H values diversity and advocates for the inclusiveness of all children regardless of background or identity.

The 4-H youth development program is a group of young people engaging in various projects, events, and activities with adult and teen leaders and their families. Regardless of the programs, each 4-H group involves youth, family, and community members working and learning together.

Interested in volunteering for 4-H? Find more information about volunteer opportunities here.

Contact the UME Calvert County office for more information about a 4-H club near you, upcoming 4-H programming, or on applying to become an adult 4-H Volunteer.

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For more information, please contact the University of Maryland Extension, Calvert County Office at 301-855-1150 or 410-535-3662 or email calvert4h@umd.edu.

Kirsten Cowan, 4-H Educator - Email: kcowan@umd.edu 
Ari Strahl, Program Assistant - Email: astrahl@umd.edu
Janet Sefton, Program Assistant - Email: jsefton@umd.edu