The Calvert County Extension Advisory Council is a group of representatives from the county who contribute to the overall program development of the Extension Office in program areas.  Members help in identifying problem areas and establish program priorities.  Members also assist with informing the public about Extension programs, and assist in building support for Extension Programs.

Council Members

Name Orgranization Position Program Area
Penny Moran Master Gardener President MG
Theresa Booker Head Start Vice President SNAP-Ed
Diana Adams HIPPY Council Member SNAP-Ed
Hilton Harrod Retired Ag-Ed/4-H Volunteer Council Member 4-H
Luke Johnson Watershed Council Member Watershed
Karen Jordan Judy Center Council Member SNAP-Ed
Denise Moroney Master Gardener Council Member MG
Bernie Wunder 4-H Volunteer Council Member 4-H


Constitution and Bylaws for the Calvert County Extension Advisory Council

Revised July 21, 2021

Meeting Agenda