Every successful 4-H story begins with a dedicated 4-H Volunteer!

Are you interested in becoming a University of Maryland Extension 4-H Volunteer? 

Don't wait, now is the time to apply.  

If you are interested in volunteering, please register in 4-H Online as a "NEW Volunteer Applicant."  After completing the UME background and screening process, you will receive additional information regarding the online volunteer training and additional forms that need completing.

4-H Online 

Ways to Volunteer

Volunteer for 4-H


Volunteers play a vital role in the ongoing growth and development of those in the 4‑H Youth Development program.

No matter how much time you have, volunteering with 4-H makes a difference by helping youth explore and discover the skills they need to lead for a lifetime. There are lots of ways to get involved!

1.  Help youth lead a club - serve as a club leader

2.  Teach a skill - teach a workshop

3.  Judge projects

4.  Plan or help at an event

5.  Serve on an advisory board/committee

6.  Help with a specific 4-H project area

7.  Assist with program delivery

8.  Volunteer for a fair or show committee

9.  Utilize your professional skills

10.  Share your experiences - pitch your passion - share your volunteer  experiences and share your career

Volunteer Training

Cecil County 4-H Volunteer Development Series 

4-H Volunteer

Volunteers and teen leaders are encouraged to enhance their skills by registering for the Cecil County 4-H Volunteer Development Series.  You can choose which topics you would like to attend. These are opportunities for UME Volunteers and teens to enhance their youth development skills.

Classes will take place virtually unless otherwise noted.  Classes are not being offered at this time.

Volunteer Resources

Club Leader Resources

4-h Volunteer 4

This is where Cecil County 4-H Club Leaders can find information on:

  • Annual form requirements 
  • Club financial reporting information
  • 4-H club officer documents
  • Club risk management information and documents
  • Club donation and fundraising information and documents
  • Leader and volunteer meeting notes and professional development information
  • 4H volunteer

    Annual Form Requirements

  • 4H volunteer

    Club Financial Reporting Information

  • 4h club leadership

    4-H Club Officer Documents

  • 4h volunteer

    Club Risk Management Information & Documents

  • 4H volunteer

    Club Donation & Fundraising Information & Documents

  • 4H volunteer

    Leader & Volunteer Meeting Notes & Professional Development Information

  • 4H club members

    4-H Club Member Documents



Opens @ January 10

March 1

May 1

Volunteer Reenrollment in 4H Online

Youth Reenrollment in 4H Online for participation in Cecil County Fair as a 4-Her

4-H Volunteers

4-H Members/Families

  January 15

Club Program Plan

(including Officer List & Fundraising Plans)

Club Leader

Friday after

Martin L. King Holiday

4-H Member Record Books

Signed by

Club Leader

January 31 

Club Secretary's Book


Club Leader



Achievement Night Nomination

Club Leader




Club Treasurer's Book,

Annual Financial Summary (with all signatures)

& Bank Statements for previous

fiscal year (Jul 1-June 30)

Club Leader
September 6

Club Annual Property Inventory Form

for previous year

Club Leader
October 1

Completed IRS 990-N e-postcard

Proof of previous year filing

(Jul 1-Jun 30)

Completed by 4-H Educator after club financial documents received and reviewed


November 1

Annual 4-H Benefit Auction Donation Form

for each item donated

Club Leader &

4-H Families


30 days prior

to planned fundraiser

Club Fundraiser Approval

Request Form

Club Leader

Liability Release and

Informed Consent Agreement (if applicable)

(all 1 form)

Retained by 

Club Leader


Permission to Travel To/From

a 4-H Event

Retained by

Club Leader



Club Attendance Record

Retained by

Club Leader