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4-H took root over a century ago by empowering youth to lead. Lead with confidence and strength, with the curiosity to question and capability to find answers, with the grit to get the job done and humble pride to make sure it’s done right. Most of all, these youth understand that giving back can move an entire community forward. These are the young people that we call True Leaders. And at 4-H, we understand that True Leaders aren’t born, they’re grown.

America is facing a critical need for more leaders – true leaders – prepared with the skills to deal with the problems of today and the challenges of tomorrow.  Every child has the potential to be a true leader. 4-H gives young people experiences – where they can learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas, and lead. We tap into their potential and empower them to become true leaders. 

The Cecil County 4-H program continues to teach youth skills, preparing them for the future as they follow our motto “To Make the Best Better.”

The mission of 4-H is to teach youth citizenship, leadership, and life skills so that they develop into competent, caring, compassionate, and contributing citizens. Our 4-H youth attend local club meetings, participate in educational activities, and work with 4-H projects throughout the year.

Even though the 4-H program is traditionally agriculture based, today's 4-H programming reaches across a wide variety of youth interests, from archery to horses, to horticulture, to robotics, to public speaking; and youth do not have to live on a farm or own an animal to be involved in 4-H.  Currently the program offers over 80 different project areas, with main focuses in the areas of STEM, Agriculture, Healthy Living, and Civic Engagement.

The Maryland 4-H Family Guide helps you learn more about 4-H and how to help your child have a positive experience in 4-H. Use this booklet as a tool to familiarize yourself with the 4-H youth development program.

“The opportunities 4-H has provided me with and the skills I have gained are things I believe every youth in America needs to experience. The 4-H program has helped me to learn record-keeping, responsibility, communication, and cooperation. To me, the ribbons earned at fairs and the countless community service hours wouldn’t mean much without all of the skills I have learned over the years that are making me a well-rounded person.”

Cecil County 4-H Youth

Cecil County 4-H Club Information

Currently Cecil County has 15 community and special interest clubs open for youth enrollment.  4-H is open to all youth ages 5-18 as of January 1st of the current year, and 4-Hers can choose from over 80 different project areas.  General Clubs are for children ages 8-18 and Clover Clubs are for children ages 5-7.  Some clubs offer opportunities for both age groups.  We are sure that you and your family will find the Cecil County 4-H to be an enjoyable and educational experience.

Cecil County 4-H Club Leader List

If you are currently not enrolled in Cecil County 4-H, check out our Cecil County 4-H Updates Newsletter to find out what's happening in our 4-H program.  The Cecil County 4-H Updates Newsletter is sent from the UME Cecil County Office to each family enrolled in 4-H.  The newsletter informs members and their families of upcoming events and deadlines.  The newsletter contains only brief pertinent information and announcements, so attending local club meetings and project groups are very important to obtain additional details.

Cecil County 4-H Updates

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