Project Areas & Curriculum

A 4-H project is the foundation for 4-H club work. It is a planned sequence of age-appropriate and research-based learning opportunities. As a result of long-term active engagement in the project, youth gain knowledge and develop skills based on planned goals and identified outcomes. 4-H project work is guided by trained adults who help youth set goals and provide access to appropriate curricula and resources.  There are over 80 project areas that 4-Hers can choose from.  Specific project listings can be found in the 4-H Enrollment System. Broad project categories include: Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Healthy Living, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), and Youth Leadership.

Cecil 4-H Project List

4-H Project Resource List A to Z

The 4-H Project Resource List A to Z lists suggested curricula for 4-H project areas from Aerospace to Workforce Readiness. This resource list includes curricula titles, order numbers, and sources for various activity and reference guides by project area.

Shop 4-H is the official 4-H store.  Their mission is to provide affordable, high quality supplies & educational materials.

All state program and contest forms can be found on the University of Maryland Extension 4-H Youth Development website.

All Cecil County 4-H specific program information and resources can be found on the Cecil County 4-H Program Information & Resources webpage and animal science information can be found on the Cecil County 4-H Animal Science Information webpage.  

Maryland 4-H Project Areas

  • Teen Corps, AGsploration, Social Justice


    Maryland 4-H offers at-home learning resources for youth focusing on STEM, agriculture, healthy living, and civic engagement.

  • Farm animals dogs and cats

    Animal Sciences

    Youth in 4-H Animal Science projects learn and practice life skills, emphasizing decision-making, acquiring knowledge, and taking personal responsibility through participation in 4-H animal science opportunities such as project animal care, judging, and bowl events.

  • Frog, lakes, swimming, archery and shooting sports

    Environmental Sciences

    Through their 4-H environmental and outdoor education projects young people will learn about the interconnection of people and nature. They’ll also develop respect and appreciation for and a sense of stewardship toward our natural resources.

  • public speaking, cooking, kid on a bike, fashion review

    Healthy Living

    Our programming empowers youth to be healthy – body and mind – with the skills to make healthy decisions and lead healthy lifestyles.

  • Space, robotics, shark heart, engineering


    4‑H STEM programs provide youth with opportunities to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands-on projects that incorporate each of these four elements into the activities our educators and volunteers lead.

  • State Council members at Congress

    Youth Leadership

    Leadership and positive development occur when youth participate in intrinsically motivating activities taught by caring and competent adults, develop meaningful relationships with peers, and learn skills important for managing life situations.