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  • AGsploration

    AGsploration: The Science of Maryland Agriculture is a statewide curriculum designed to increase middle school student agriculture literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills.

    AGsploration Curricula
  • Teen Corps

    Teen Corps began as a citywide collaborative between 4-H members and adult leaders, agencies, and community stakeholders who partner to strengthen communities, and increase leadership opportunities for youth from age twelve to age eighteen.

    Teen Corps Curricula
  • The True Leaders: Culture, Power and Justice

    The True Leaders: Culture, Power and Justice curriculum was designed to engage youth in critical dialogue and collective action in order to contribute to a more empathetic and just society. Youth have an incredible opportunity to see the world as bigger than themselves. This curriculum offers dynamic opportunities for youth to explore their identities, different cultures, new perspectives, and the histories that have shaped power and privilege within our communities. Youth will engage with peers, adult support systems, and communities to increase the resources and tools they need to advocate for positive community change. These lessons are rooted in a social justice youth development framework. Additionally, as a facilitator, it is important that you use these lessons as a guide but allow for adaptations to ensure each discussion and activity is culturally relevant for your audience.

    This is a Facilitator Guide intended for use with youth in Grades 6-12.

    Social Justice Youth Development title of curriculum
  • Mindfulness Activity Guide for Adults

    The Mindfulness Activity Guide for Adults provides guidance and encouragement to people who wish to embrace mindfulness practice in their work and personal lives. As educators, we noticed a need for resources that might help both novice and advanced mindfulness facilitators implement mindfulness activities in group settings. By using the guide, we hope the facilitator will gain confidence and feel at ease leading
    these practices.

    The guide provides in-depth instructions for adapting the surroundings, duration, participants' postures, facilitator's script, and other activity components to fit diverse environments or audiences' needs. We truly hope you find the resource useful, as it was solely created to help you create mindful moments for yourself and others you wish to help.

    Contact the Authors
    Ohruti Pafel
    Family & Consumer Sciences Educator dhrutip@umd.edu

    Erin Jewell
    Family & Consumer Sciences Educator

    Amy Rhodes
    4-H Youth Development Educator

    The publication is $25 per book.
    To PURCHASE the guide visit https://go.umd.edu/buymindfulguide If you wish to buy multiple books, make sure to enter the calculated amount /based on the quantity) in the "Amount" section of the purchase form.

    If you have any questions regarding the guide or purchase process, email Dhruti Patel at dhrutip@umd.edu.

    Mindfulness book for adult cover