Contests and Opportunities

Our programming empowers youth to be healthy – body and mind – with the skills to make healthy decisions and lead healthy lifestyles. Having the confidence and skills to lead healthy lifestyles not only improves overall well-being; it enables youth to tackle life’s challenges today and become leaders in their lives, careers, and communities as they grow into responsible adulthood.

Mind: Social and Emotional Well-Being 

4‑H’s Healthy Living programs provide youth with a better understanding of how their choices can help themselves, their families, and their communities. 4‑H helps youth build a firm foundation that encourages good decision-making and strong interpersonal skills with programs focused on substance abuse prevention and mental health issues. Social-emotional health is the cornerstone to confident, caring young leaders who understand how to take care of their minds and inner being, which is key to holistic well-being.

Body: Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Safety

4‑H fitness, health, nutrition, and safety programs help youth understand the importance of eating right and being active within a safe environment. Mastering basic health principles place young people on the right track to developing healthy habits now as well as managing their long-term health.

Healthy Living Ambassador 

Would you like to be a 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador? Your job would be to provide healthy living activities for 4-H clubs and maybe even help out with some County 4-H programs to promote healthier lifestyles. Lots of activities that may be used are listed on this page. If you find additional resources, let us know so we can share with the other 4-H Health Ambassadors!

Lessons from our 4-H Projects

Healthy Living Projects

Powerpoints and Videos

Nutrition Jeopardy

Make your own Nutrition Jeopardy by using a poster board or find a template online. You can also borrow the one we have at the Maryland State 4-H Office.

Healthy Snack Resources

Health Rocks! Activities & Games

Up For the Challenge Activities

  • Let’s Play Outside
  • In Beat
  • Cooperative Play


Websites with printouts and activities:

Other Resources

  • Lost your Healthy Living Ambassador Activity Book? Redownload it Here.
  • Media Smart

Goal Setting

  • Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goal!
  • Track your weekly progress
  • Nutrition Pledge Cards - Generic
  • Healthy Living Challenge
  • Get Up and Moving
  • Growing Up Healthy
  • Numbers to Live By


4-H Public Speaking Contest

One of the many life skills that 4-H offers youth is effective public speaking. This skill, along with many others, helps to build confidence and leadership.  Public speaking fosters creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, which are valuable for the job market and life. 

Public speaking contests are offered on the county/city level, and qualifying youth are eligible to compete at the state level in the following areas; Extemporaneous, Interpretation, Prepared Speech, and Radio Spot. Additionally, some areas offer regional or cluster contests. Contact your local 4-H educator to find out more about the exciting opportunities in your location. 


Score Sheets

Public Speaking Guide for Online Competitions

The 2020 Maryland 4-H Public Speaking Showcase highlights the wonderful public speaking submissions from across the state. Watch the various types of speeches and enjoy all of these amazing youth.

Fashion Revue

Girl on Stage for Fashion Review

Fashion Revue is a contest offered at the local fairs and the Maryland State Fair. 

The State 4-H Fashion Revue is open to members ages 14 -18 selected by their unit (county/city 4-H office) for competition. Each unit may send two (2) 4-H members in each Constructed class and two (2) 4-H members in each Ready-to-Wear class. Also, each unit may send two (2) 4-H members who are 13 as of January 1 of the current year to participate in the Fashion Revue

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