Cecil County Coalition

  • Community: Elkton Housing Authority; Rudy Park, Windsor Village, and the Senior Building account for 150 housing units located in Elkton, MD
  • Current Community status: In transition due to renovations, therefore the community members are undergoing many changes
  • Community Coalition Members: Adult Members: Darcel Earl, Nola Earl, Marcia Rosa, Stephanie Hall, Nancy Crawford, Vicki Stone, Amelia Gerres, and Beverly Jackey. Youth Members: Brittney Hall (High School), Keleigh Earl (High school), and Kayla McClellan (Middle school) 
  • 2020/2021 Coalition Focus: Mental Health
  • 2020 Highlights: 
    • Youth Brittney Hall participated in the RWJ youth Interview
    • We had a 100% coalition RWJ survey completion rate
    • We have had monthly meetings with a high attendance rate
    • Created a definition of health equity and had a great conversation about health equity in our community.
    • Developed plans for a community mental health fair for the Summer of 2021
    • Started plans to virtually engage the community around mental health

Cecil County's Dolphin Tank

Garrett County Coalition

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Health & Wellness Volunteer



  • Learn the latest health and wellness science by working with University of Maryland Extension educators in Garrett County and across the state.
  • Share your passion for health and wellness with others in your community
  • Empower your personal health journey with reliable and up to date health information

Opportunity to serve if you are a Retiree, School Teacher, Nurse, High School or College Student, Community Partner, or others with a desire to give back to your community!

Community organizations, churches, worksites & neighborhoods work together to create a lasting culture of health.

Steps to Becoming a Health & Wellness Volunteer
APPLY.  Contact Lisa McCoy, lmccoy@umd.edu, and an application will be emailed or mailed to you. Complete the application and return it to Lisa McCoy.
INTERVIEW & SCREENING. Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted for a virtual interview. If accepted for the program, you will be required to go through the UME 4-H Youth development screening process.
TRAINING. Receive 40 hours of training related to health issues of your community and how to facilitate change through research-based information
VOLUNTEER. Give back 40 hours of volunteer time through health activities such as teaching classes, organizing health fairs, community gardens, recruiting others, etc.