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Updated: October 12, 2021

September 22, 2021  |  Volume 2, Issue 3


This week has started out with some much-welcomed cooler fall weather. Most producers have finished chopping corn and have started planting winter forages. For optimal starch digestibility, allow the new corn silage harvest to ferment for at least 2-3 months if you can. Regardless, be sure to get a new forage analysis to your nutritionist before you start feeding the new silage. If possible, incorporate the new silage into the ration gradually.

In this issue, we focus on dairy economics, milk replacer requirements of young calves, and updates on the dairy extension team’s recent triticale study. If there is a specific topic that you would like to learn more about in future issues, please contact me (; 301-432-2767 ext. 324).

There are some educational opportunities coming up that may be of interest; see page 14 for details. Visit our extension page for additional resources:

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Sarah Potts Extension Specialist, Dairy & Beef

Maryland Dairy Economics

By Dale Johnson Extension Specialist, Farm Management

These are difficult days for dairy farmers. After the high milk prices of 2014, prices have plummeted with no significant upturn in sight. Large dairies across the country have captured economies of scale that turn a...Read more

Milk Replacer: Are your calves getting enough?

Sarah Potts, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Dairy and Beef

Milk replacer was historically developed in order to spare salable milk. However, milk replacer is now valued for its ability to provide a convenient, safe, consistent, and cost-effective source of...Read more

Research Update: Effect of Soil Fertility on Triticale Yield and Quality

By Amanda Grev, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Pasture & Forages

Dairy farms in particular recognize the value of winter forages like triticale as a high-yielding and high-quality forage crop for livestock. The yield potential for winter forages is largely based on...Read more


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