Soil Fertility

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Updated: December 1, 2021

Urban Agriculture Grower Meetings

A list of meetings for Urban Agriculture growers.
Cultivate Baltimore: Hand-scale farm tools at Strength to Love 2 in Baltimore, City, August 15, 2019
Updated: November 10, 2021

Women In Agriculture Webinar Series on Risk Management: Production

This webpage is the production archives of the Women In Agriculture webinars.
Updated: October 12, 2021

Maryland Milk Moos-September 2021

The Maryland Milk Moos is a quarterly newsletter published by the University of Maryland Extension that is focused on dairy topics related to Nutrition and Production, Herd Management, and Forage Production.
Maryland Milk Moos Newsletter Header
Updated: July 12, 2021

General Viticulture

Updated: March 17, 2021

Chapter 1: Urban production systems

Chapter 1: Urban production systems is part of the online publication "From Surviving to Thriving: Strategies for Urban Farm Success. In agricultural contexts, the word production is used as shorthand to refer to all the activities involved in physically growing, raising, or making the products (vegetables, flowers, meat, eggs, hot sauce, an agritourism experience, etc.) that will eventually be sold. Important non-production agricultural activities include financial planning, marketing, complying with legal responsibilities, and managing human resources (see the other chapters of this guidebook)
Puzzle pieces laying over a city building.