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Workforce Development Extension Internship Cohort 2022

Updated: January 16, 2023

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Creating Leadership and Professional Development Through Extension Internships, Summer 2022


Ms. Shannon Dill, Principal Agent, University of Maryland


First Cohort Selected For ‘Creating Leadership Through Extension Internships, Summer 2022. 


The University of Maryland Extension received a grant on April 15, 2021. The grant was endowed by the United States Department of Agriculture and sponsored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The grant was endowed to create a meaningful summer internship program for students at underserved institutions, community colleges, or non-Land Grant institutions to gain technical skills and train a future agricultural workforce. Interns must be degree seeking undergraduate students from two year and four year institutions who may not otherwise be exposed to the field of extension.

Seven interns have been selected to participate in a ten week internship program where they will be paired with competent University of Maryland Extension faculty mentors working within their field(s) of interest. The interns selected this year represent colleges across Maryland including St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Maryland, University of Maryland College Park, Morgan State University, College of Southern Maryland, and Salisbury University.

The internship will begin May 31st with the curriculum focusing on workforce development and applied research at University of Maryland Extension offices and Research and Education Centers across the state. Participating interns will gain hands-on experience in Extension activities and participate in leadership and professional development training addressing the eight core competencies in career readiness. Along with professional development and one-on-one pairing with a faculty mentor, interns have networking opportunities with private industry professionals. 

As part of the ten week program students will visit the University of Maryland campus to talk with educators and researchers across a variety of agricultural disciplines, and to participate in an in person leadership training with LEAD Maryland and the University’s Maryland Leadership Education and Development Program. The internship will close with an annual event hosted by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Students will leave this internship with tools and Extension connections to further a career in agriculture.

This program will continue for five years with seven students selected per year, Extension faculty mentors will also change year to year. This training builds University of Maryland Extension’s capacity and extends beyond this project as faculty develops skills to mentor new hires and junior faculty.

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Program Contacts

Shannon Dill, Extension Educator - AgFS

410-822-1244 |

Andrea Franchini, Program Coordinator 

410-856-1850 x126 |

Ms. Shannon Dill, PI, is the Project Director and oversees the entire project. Co-PI’s include Dr. Nicole Fiorellino, Dr. Sarah Potts, and Dr. Alan Leslie. The project runs from April 15, 2021, to April 14, 2026.

This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, AFRI Competitive Grant Workforce Development, project MD-UME-09312.

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