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Maryland is home to over 185,000 head of cattle (USDA NASS, 2020) spread across nearly 3,300 farms (2017 Census of Agriculture). Over half of these farms are small, with less than 10 head per farm; however, there are some operations with over 100 head (2017 Census of Agriculture). Some of these farms are located in rural areas, while others are located in close proximity to large urban and suburban centers. A significant portion of Maryland beef producers are considered cow-calf producers, although there are also producers who background calves, grow stockers, and raise finished cattle. 

The beef extension team is dedicated to providing materials and programs that meet the needs of our diverse beef industry.  Our goal is to help Maryland beef producers reach their goals, regardless of herd size or experience level. Our programming efforts are focused on areas related to beef cattle health and nutrition management, pasture management, and forage production. Additional resources are also available through our Ag Marketing program that helps guide producers who are interested in selling their own beef.

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Meet Our Beef Team Members

Jeff Semler
Extension Educator
UME - Washington County
(301) 791-1304

Dr. Amanda Grev
Forage & Pasture Specialist
301-432-2767 ext. 339

Andy Kness
Extension Educator
UME - Harford County

Racheal Slattery
Beef-Dairy Extension Activities
Animal & Avian Sciences
301- 405-1392

Charlie Sasscer
Extension Educator
UME - Prince George's County

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