Grapes and Fruit

Welcome to the Grapes and Fruit Website!

Statewide Extension and research programs for viticulture (grape growing), tree and small fruits, and enology (wine making), are being created and implemented at the Western Maryland Research and Education Center by Dr. Joseph A. Fiola, Extension Specialist in Viticulture and Small Fruit.

Dr. Fiola works with vineyard and winery owners to increase production and improve quality. He is working to expand the industry in Maryland by educating new vineyard owners.

This site is designed for the commercial grower or someone who would like to start a vineyard. If you are a homeowner, you can go to the Home and Garden Information Center or contact your local Extension office for additional assistance.

Learn More About:

  • Starting a Vineyard

    Resources and information for commercial growers interested in starting a vineyard or transitioning to small fruits.

    Vineyard Site Selection
  • Timely Viticulture

    Access the Timely Viticulture Newsletter or request delivery to your inbox. Timely Viticulture provides a seasonal strategy for vineyard owners. 

    Timely Viticulture
  • Soil Testing

    Information on how to collect soil, plant tissue, and other samples and where to send them for assessment.

    Soil sample