As populations of aquatic plants, shellfish, and finfish decline in the Chesapeake Bay, aquaculture plays a significant role both in food production and in ecosystem restoration. Aquaculture research, education, innovation, and restoration efforts are helping to reconstruct troubled fisheries and replenish habitats, such as oyster reefs.


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Maryland Oyster Aquaculture Industry in 2020 at a Glance

Check out this report to see a glimpse into the Maryland oyster aquaculture industry using data from 2020. The report shows an overview of production methods, leasing, and factors that affect annual oyster harvests in Maryland aquaculture operations. University of Maryland Extension agents Shannon Hood, Cathy Liu, Matthew Parker, and Donald Webster contributed to this report.

Click the image of the report to access the full version.

From the Water to Mouthwatering: Perspectives from the Oyster Industry

Check out the first in a series of videos produced by Morgan State University Patuxent Environmental & Aquatic Research Laboratory (MSU PEARL) with funding from Chesapeake Oyster Alliance's Chesapeake Oyster Innovation's Award. In this episode, Don Webster, UME Regional Specialist, details the history of oyster harvest and the decline of the fishery over time due to overharvesting and disease. Vincent Leggett, President and Founder of Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, discusses the often-overlooked contributions of the African Americans to the maritime and seafood processing industry and how his foundation’s goal is to share those untold stories from Black watermen.

Follow the MSU PEARL YouTube page for the rest of the videos in the series, released weekly on Fridays. They can also be found on our Videos page.

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