Talbot County 4-H

In Talbot County, youth participate in 4-H through volunteer-led clubs, school and after-school programs, and community events including the Talbot County Fair and the Mid-Shore STEM Festival.

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What is 4-H Youth Development?

About Maryland 4-H

Maryland 4-H is the University of Maryland's youth development program and is part of the national 4-H system. All youth of ages 5 through 18 as of January 1 of the current year are welcome to participate in 4-H programs.  

Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program Page

4-H Project Areas

4-H offers a variety of project areas for youth to explore. Talbot 4-H supports three National Mission Mandates featuring projects in areas of science and agriculture, healthy living, and civic engagement. Talbot 4-H faculty, staff, and volunteers plan and lead learning activities related to 4-H projects. 

Adult volunteers are welcome! Let us know your interests and we'll help you get to work helping young people learn new project information and develop skills for success in life. We can also help you start your own club if none of our current club project offerings matches your family's interests. 

"Learn By Doing" Activities

4-H teaches youth through hands-on experiential learning activities that encourage children and teens to experiment, innovate, and think independently. Youth use their HEADS to learn and develop life skills, their HEARTS to support and encourage others in their 4-H clubs, their HANDS to carry out a wide variety of community service projects, and their HEALTH to improve the quality of life for themselves and others. Through participation in the program, youth learn project-related knowledge and develop skills for success in life.

National studies have documented that 4-H members often do better in school, are more motivated to help others, have confidence to try new things, develop self-esteem, and create lasting friendships. 4-H can be a fun, educational  experience for your entire family.

University programs, activities, and facilities are available to all without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, religion, protected veteran status, genetic information, personal appearance, or any other legally protected class.

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in any event or activity, please contact Tom Hutson on or before at least two weeks prior to the event or activity at (410) 822-1244.


Los programas de la Universidad de Maryland están abiertos a todos y no discriminará contra nadie debido a raza, color, sexo, identificación y expresión de género, orientación sexual, estatus matrimonial, años, origen nacional, afiliación política, discapacidad física o mental, religión, estado de veterano protegido, información genética, apariencia personal, o cualquier otra grupo protegida legalmente.

Si necesita adaptaciones razonables para participar en cualquier evento o actividad, comuníquese con Tom Hutson por lo menos dos semanas de anticipación a (410) 822-1244.




Talbot County 4-H

Talbot 4 H ers holding us their crafted signs saying what they love about 4 H

If you have questions about 4-H clubs, school programs, after-school programs, or other activities, contact us:

4-H Agent/Educator Tom Hutson (thutson@umd.edu) 410-822-1244

4-H Program Assistant Bonnie Turley (bturley@umd.edu) 410-822-1244

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