Ag and Food Systems

Agriculture is the number one land use for Talbot County encompassing 54% of Talbot County’s 172,227 acres. Farming is crucial to the economy of the County and to the way of life of its residents. The foundation of agriculture in Talbot County is grains and continues to rank in the top counties in Maryland for Corn, Soybean and Wheat production. While grain agriculture dominates, small farms and alternative enterprises have increased in popularity. Some of those include greenhouses, organic, specialty vegetables and equines. 

Agriculture Extension programs include:

  • Information on livestock and crops
  • Soil testing and recommendations
  • Farm business management and marketing
  • Nutrient management
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pesticide certification 
  • Vegetables, lawns and more

Shannon Dill, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, coordinates the agriculture program in Talbot County.  Annual workshops and/or programs are offered such as the Talbot Agronomy Program including the Corn Club and Soybean Improvement Program, a Small Farm Course, Plant Clinics, Equine Basics Course, Grain Marketing and Direct Marketing. 

Certification classes are also available for Private Pesticide Applications and Nutrient Management Voucher Training. 

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Nutrient Management


Nutrient Management Program Changes


Major Update Regarding Reinstatement of UMD Plan-writing Services!

University of Maryland Extension (UME) has launched an enhanced nutrient management planning process designed to adapt to modern farming practices and operations that better align with Maryland’s agricultural regulations and environmental goals. Moving forward, UME will now administer and coordinate statewide nutrient management planning following the finalization of the agreement between the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) and the Maryland Department of Agriculture. 

To reach Sam Harrison, the Talbot County Nutrient Management Advisor, please contact (410)-822-1244 or

University of Maryland Extension Leads the Next Generation of the Statewide Nutrient Management read more click here.

Talbot Corn Club and Agronomy Program

Talbot Agronomy Program logo of yellow corn with green husk

The Talbot Agronomy Program has been active for over 60 consecutive years. This makes the Talbot Corn Club the oldest in the nation.

Each year, local farmers enter the contest. Entries are tabulated and the awards are given out at the annual banquet. Our annual program includes a keynote speaker, a crop report, and a weather summary. Sponsors are also recognized at this event.

Categories include:

  • Adult Corn
  • Youth Corn
  • Irrigated Corn
  • Full Season Beans
  • Double Crop Beans 

Local Organizations that Support Agriculture Activities