Updated: August 26, 2021

Participate in DASH-Plus: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension - Plus Physical Activities!

Researchers and educators are building a new community-based high blood pressure management program for Maryland adults.

Who can Participate?

• Adults 55 and older who live in Maryland
• Has high blood pressure (with or without taking medication)

Why Participate?

• Learn the DASH-Plus approach to managing high blood pressure.
• You will receive a promotional giveaway for every pair of surveys (at registration and after each session) completed.
• All sessions are virtual on Zoom webinar – learn from home!
• All sessions are FREE!

Live a healthy lifestyle with the DASH Diet Action Plan to improve your health and wellness.

Upcoming Sessions

Choose to register for one or more workshops

  • Healthy diet

    August DASH-Plus Session

    Begins Aug. 2

  • Stethoscope and apple

    September DASH-Plus Sessions

    Begins Sept. 9