Precision Ag

Some form of precision agriculture is being used on every grain farm in Maryland - from GPS to variable-rate technologies and maybe one-day Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). University of Maryland and Delaware Extension Services sponsors an annual field and education day dedicated to this topic.


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Precision Ag Day Recordings

UAV Drone Presentation and Demo
Video Length: 31:19   |  Date:
August 6, 2014
Description: Tom Eberle from Airlytics presents and demonstrates their hard-winged Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drone and how it can be used in agriculture applications.

UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems Applications to Crop and Livestock
Video Length: 57:38   |  Date: August 6, 2014
Description: John Nowatzki from North Dakota State University presents UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and their applications to Crop & Livestock Management. 

Precision Agriculture Data Accuracy and Usage
Video Length: 51:40   |  Date: August 6, 2014
Description: Dr. Joe Luck from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln presents and Precision Agriculture Data Accuracy and Usage: Opportunities and Challenges.

AgriEye Multicopter Drone Live Feed
Video Length: 23:40   |  Date: August 6, 2014
Description: Tim Woodward from Tellus Agronomics LLC presents the AgriEye Multicopter Drone Live Video Feed system and how it can be applied to agriculture. 

Farmer Panel and Discussion
Video Length: 53:36   |  Date: August 6, 2014
Description: Mike Buschermohle from the University of Tennessee moderates a discussion/question-answer event with a panel of local farmers. 

Other Resources

Drones as a Scouting Tool
Video Length: 
48:24   |  Date: February  26, 2020
Description: While drones are often promoted as tools to manage nutrients or spray for pests, their most immediate use is for scouting crops. The biggest hurdle for most farmers may be which drone to purchase and how to fly. Attend this webinar to learn about drone and camera types, the ease of operation, and when to fly row crops. After this presentation, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether drones fit your operation, and the most affordable option to buy.