Maryland farmers who are interested in carving out a marketing niche for their specialty meat and poultry products. The University of Maryland Extension Ag Marketing Program has organized a Maryland Niche Meats and Poultry Marketing Initiative.

The goals of this initiative include:

  • Developing a searchable, geographic product database to facilitate product searches by consumers, restaurants, and institutional buyers - this effort will supplement, not replace the “Maryland’s Best” directory and other online listings.
  • Providing information and resources for product development, regulatory issues, and collaborative marketing efforts.
  • Offering training and economic analysis to determine “best fit’ business structures and the profit potential of niche meat markets in the mid-Atlantic region.

Niche meats are growing in popularity as consumers hunger for exotic flavors, such as grass-fed beef, goat, sheep, and other livestock; while others seek to support small-scale farming and conservation; and health-conscious consumers pursue more nutritious meat produced and processed using non-conventional methods. But moving into niche meat production can be complicated.

Some Maryland meat and poultry producers have already mastered many of the components of marketing their products directly to the public. Their advice and expertise will be extremely valuable in this new collaborative effort.

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Is to foster the success of highly differentiated farm-raised meat and poultry value-chains that are profitable, that incorporate farmer ownership and control, and contribute to improved environmental stewardship and rural communities.


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