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Youth in 4-H Animal Science projects learn and practice life skills with an emphasis on decision making, acquiring knowledge, and taking personal responsibility through participation in 4-H animal science opportunities such as project animal care, judging, and bowl events.

Youth develop competencies in animal science, including an understanding of animal sciences and animal management as well as an awareness of agricultural issues in society (e.g. concern for animal well-being and increasing public agricultural literacy.)

Youth have opportunities to learn about the parts of an animal, breeds, costs to raise animals, how to care for animals, and much more. Youth can learn about animals without owning one!


  Due Date Description
  January 31 4-H Online enrollment & GCLA Contract
  January 31 Record Books due
  April Schedule veterinarian health checks for animals attending Spring Weigh-In or be shown at the Western Maryland District Show
  May Spring Weigh-In
  May Western Maryland District Show at GC Fairgrounds
  June Schedule veterinarian health checks for market animals that have not previously been completed
  July-August Garrett County Agricultural Fair
  July Entry of all market animals
  August Pictures of all market animals
  August 4-H & FFA Livestock Sale
  August-September Maryland State Fair
  September 1 Thank you card/letters to buyers must be turned into the GC 4-H office to receive your check
  September 1 Fair premium and livestock checks cashed within 30 days of receiving
  November  Fall Beef Weigh In
  December Complete market animal record sheet & record book

Maryland 4-H Animal Husbandry and Quality Assurance Program 

  • Click here to start the program:  AHQA 

The site will open in March 2022 and remain open through August  Completion of this program is required to show your project animal(s) in County and State 4-H Shows. The deadline to complete the training is July 1, 2022, for Garrett County 4-H members. Click here for Program Guidelines and Tips.

Maryland Livestock Registration Forms (available only at the GC 4-H Office)

  • Green=Sheep
  • White=Swine
  • Yellow=Goats
  • Blue=Beef

Leasing Program

Please contact the 4-H Office to obtain leasing forms.


  • Maryland Dog Identification Card
    • If you are planning to show or participate in any dog show events during the year, you need to register your dog with your local 4-H Office by completing a Maryland 4-H Dog  Identification Card. File with the Extension Educator one card for each dog prior to June 1 of the current year.


  • Maryland 4-H Club Horse & Pony Identification Card
    • If you are planning to show or participate in any horse show events during the year, you need to register your horse with your local 4-H Office by completing a Maryland 4-H Club Horse & Pony Identification Card. File with the Extension Educator one card for each horse prior to June 1 of the current year. 




Diamond Clover Forms-Due September 30th

The Diamond Clover Award Program engages 4-H youth in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire skills related to leadership, community service, civic engagement, and advocacy. The award consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate goals with supportive volunteers and community members. The Diamond Clover Project is one-way 4-H youth can make a lasting difference in their community. 

All Diamond Clover Forms can be found here:

Diamond Clover Guidelines and Forms

Presidential Service Award Forms-Due January 15th

Complete the attached form to track your service-learning hours. Service hours should include efforts to help others who are outside of your family and to improve your community. Your work can be as an individual or as part of a group project. This could include club service projects, volunteering your time to help at community events, fair clean-up, and serving as a teen leader such as a camp counselor or workshop coordinator. Hours must be completed during the calendar year. Hours are measured over a 12-month period and awards are designated based on cumulative hours. To earn the service award you must have completed the hours listed below:

4-H Age (as of Jan 1st) Bronze Silver Gold
8-10 years 26-49 50-74 75+
11-15 years 50-74 75-99 100+
16-18 years 100-174 175-249 250+


Presidential Service Learning Form


Record Book Forms

GC 4-H

Completing a 4-H record book is a good way to learn the "Life Skill" of record keeping.  Your Record Book is a record of all your 4-H projects and activities for the year.  The year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  All 4-H club members are asked to submit a 4-H record book.  Clover members are not required to complete a record book but are allowed to submit a memory/scrapbook and will receive a participation gold seal.

Any member who sold a market animal this year must complete their record book to be eligible to have a market animal in the coming year.  These record books are reviewed by the Garrett County Livestock Association at their February meeting.

Give your book to your 4-H Club leader by mid-January or the date they suggest for them to review/sign and submit to the UME Garrett 4-H Office.

General Project Guides



Join Ann Sherrard, 4-H Educator as she walks you through how to complete a record book in this 6 part series on our University of Maryland Western Cluster YouTube Channel.  Click on each button to see the video.

How to Start a 4-H Record Book

 4-H Story 

 Maryland 4-H Summary Record

 Maryland 4-H General Project Record

 Maryland 4-H Animal Science Livestock Market Project Record

 Breeding Record for your Record Book



Scholarship Opportunities

GCLA Schloarship

Each year many local, county, and State organizations award current Maryland 4-H members who will be enrolled at an accredited college, university, or post-high school vocational program in the fall of the year in which they apply.  Our scholarship opportunities are listed below.

Hugh Maffett Memorial Scholarship

GCLA Scholarship Application/GCLA Participation Sheet

Garrett County Forestry Board Scholarship

Maryland 4-H Foundation Scholarships

Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship

Maryland Farm Bureau Scholarship

Maryland Sheep Breeders Association

Tucker Community Foundation Scholarships



4-H Club Organizational Leaders

Club Leader Forms and Resources

Welcome to the 4-H Organizational Leader Page!

4-H Club Required Annual Forms

The following items are due by January 31st:

  • Program Plan & Club Roster-given at fall County Council Meeting
  • 990 Authorization Release-given at fall County Council Meeting
  • Club Secretary Book and Club Recognition Form

The following items are due by September 1st:

  • Annual Financial Summary Report (Office will prepare the IRS 990 for your club)
  • Treasurers Books (Bank Statements, receipts, and deposit records)
  • Property Inventory


4-H Club Organizational Leader Timeline

Month Tasks
  • Review the monthly Partyline newsletter and review information with 4-H Members
  • Enrollment for the new year opens-reenroll as the leader in 4-H.
  • Online-Select Coub Volunteer then Organizational Leader from the dropdown menu of positions.
  • Remind existing and new member families to enroll in 4-H Online
  • Collect record books from members (required for any members who sold an animal at the livestock sale and due by January 31-optional but recommend from other members.
  • Verify that all members who plan to take a market livestock project have signed and turned in a livestock contract.
  • Attend leaders County Council meeting to receive updates and complete required forms.
  • Program Plan & Club Roster
  • 990 Authorization Release
  • Club Secretary Book and Club Recognition Form


  • Remind members that the first weekend in April is the Achievement Program.  If members are attending, plan for a door prize that will be provided by your club. 
  • Bring a door prize to the Achievement Program if your club has members attending.  If no families are attending, let the 4-H office know so we can remove the club from the agenda.
  • Spring weigh-in


  • Complete two financial forms that will be sent to leaders from the 4-H office:
  1. Financial summary form:  turn in 12 months of bank statements, receipts, and treasurer's book to the 4-H office for July 1-June 30 of the past year.
  2. Club property inventory form-shows if the club owns any property
  • Annual Financial Summary Report 
  • Treasurers Books (bank statements, receipts, and deposit records)
  • Property Inventory
  • Remind families about beef weigh-in held on the first Saturday in November, notify any new members about the date.
  • Attend leaders County Council meeting to review closing of the current year and receive a packet for the coming year.
  • Remind members about the record book due date, January 31st.