Tech Extension is a grant-funded initiative through the state of Maryland aimed at bridging the gap in the digital divide. With technology quickly advancing, navigating the internet and knowing how to operate a device is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Our goal is to help Maryland Residents get caught up to speed by providing free education and resources to build confidence and inspire curiosity when utilizing the resources technology has to offer. 

Tech Extension consists of three main components:

Tech Educators (aka Digital Navigators):

Tech Educators are here to provide in-person education on digital skills throughout the community by partnering with organizations to teach classes to Maryland residents or by empowering members within an organization to teach digital skills classes. Our motto is "Serving partners to better serve the people." 

Marylanders Online Call Center: 

Marylanders Online Call Center is here to provide FREE one-on-one tech support to all Maryland residents and bring digital equity to Maryland. Tech support is available in English and Spanish

Call Center Flyer

Phone Number: 301-405-9810  Toll Free: 1-866-206-8467

Hours of Operation: 

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Marylanders Online Website: 

Our website is a hub of resources (English and Spanish) providing everything from self-paced guided learning for end-users to providing information on free digital skills classes available throughout the state of Maryland.

Upcoming Events

Calvert County Events

Digital Skills Class Schedule:

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Charles County Events

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St. Mary's County Events

Tech Extension will be assisting with distributions by hosting a workstation at each event to help get residents set up with their Chromebooks. 

The Connected Devices (MD-CDP) grant program is designed to assist in digital equity and inclusion efforts in Maryland. The COVID pandemic increasingly forced individuals to isolate themselves within their homes and avoid public venues and services, placing a strain on households that do not have the technology necessary to access the internet. Working in tandem with discounted and free internet services from the Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit subsidy and Federal ACP subsidy, connected devices are an additional necessity. Unfortunately, many Marylanders' cannot afford the cost of a device. MD-CDP is intended to provide new, internet-enabled devices to families who are most in need.

On February 8, 2023 - St. Mary's County was informed that our request for 4,500 devices with a value of $894,375.00 for distribution to eligible households throughout St. Mary's County had been approved. Additionally, $27,000 in grant funding was authorized to support the distribution of these devices. St. Mary's County has submitted the Memorandum of Understanding for final approval with the Office of Statewide Broadband.

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) issued an Invitation for Bids ("IFB") in order to procure approximately 145,000 devices over a period of approximately six (6) months. The device specifications included a minimum of 13" screen, chrome OS, SD card reader, dual-band Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports, headphone and video output jacks, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The approved bidder, HP, Inc., plans to provide a model HP Chromebook 14 G7 or similar in accordance with their contract.

Register Here

Eligibility Requirements

St. Mary's County Resource Map

Please note that this schedule is subject to change; dates may be removed based on available stock of Chromebooks. Eligible households are limited to one device per address. Distribution will be done on a first, come first served basis, while supplies last. Pre-registration is recommended, but not required. Proof of Maryland residence is also required.



What we've done so far...

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maryland at Calvert Elementary

Tech Extension partnered with The Boys and Girls Club Of Southern Maryland at Calvert Elementary to host a series of workshops teaching youth the art of storytelling through the use of Powerpoint. The students learned how to create slides, insert photos, insert text, create animations, and utilize rulers to center the layouts on each slide. At the end of this project, each student will have the story they create printed and bound for their keeping.  

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maryland at North Beach

Tech Extension partnered with The Boys and Girls Club Of Southern Maryland at North Beach to host a series of workshops teaching youth a variety of digital skills that are commonly used in school and the workforce. Below are some examples of student work along with snapshots of the students working on their projects. 

Google Sheets:

Students ages 5-14 learned how to navigate a spreadsheet along with creating a basic formula for each color selected in their project. They each created a color pallet and used the formatting options in Google Sheets to link each color to a number. Once each color within their palette had an assigned number, they began to create their art using the numbers that matched the colors they wanted to use. 

From this project, they learned what a spreadsheet is, what it is used for, the difference between rows and columns, how to adjust rows and columns, and how to create a rule that links a background color to a number. 




Calvert County Public Library Events

Tech Extension and Calvert County Public Libraries have partnered together to host a series of ACP Sign- up events, Lectures, and workshops to help Calvert County Residents save money on their monthly internet bill and get more comfortable navigating the internet. 

ACP sign up at Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry

The Connected Devices Grant

Charles County and St. Mary's County received a total of 5,000 hp Chromebooks to distribute to eligible members within each community. Tech Extension is assisting with device distributions by offering to help people set up their new devices in St. Mary's County.

In Charles County, Tech Extension is offering to help people sign up for ACP and spread awareness of ACP to qualifying members in the community. The eligibility requirements to receive a Chromebook are the same requirements needed to receive $30.00 off of your monthly internet bill through ACP.


4-H Camp in Calvert County