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Charles County Ag Updates: Timely updates on events, policies, announcements, and news happening locally and across the state. Sign up to receive the updates.

2020 Roots in Researchan inside look at the research taking place at the Central Maryland Research and Education Center in Upper Marlboro (CMREC-UM). 2019 Edition

Vegetable and Fruit News: A publication of Anne Arundel County. 

Charles County Agriculture NewsMonthly updates, events, and information related to the local agriculture industry

Agronomy News: Published monthly during the growing season and provides timely updates on topics relevant to row crop production

Timely Viticulture: Electronic newsletter that is designed to give those in the grape industry a timely reminder of things they should be considering in the vineyard

Wild and Wooly Newsletter: Quarterly newsletter for sheep and goat producers and anyone else who is interested in small ruminants

Greenhouse TPM/IPM Report: Alert to inform commercial greenhouse and cut flower producers of pest or disease issues during the growing season

Ornamental TPM/IPM Report: Report is for arborists, landscape managers, and nursery managers

Plant Science Food Safety Group: Sign up for their weekly newsletter at Food Safety Newsletter

Urban Agriculture Extension:  Monthly newsletter of Urban Ag Extension in Baltimore City


Who Needs Nutrient Management?

You need a Nutrient Management Plan if you produce $2,500.00 in gross annual income from your agricultural operation annually OR have 8 animal units or more (animal units vary depending on species.) Call: Francis Warring, Nutrient Management Advisor (301) 934-5403 / DC Area (301) 753-8195.

Overview of the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program 

UME's Agricultural Nutrient Management Program

Annual Implementation Report forms and instructions

Information about nutrient management training for certified plan writers and voucher holders 

Information on laws regulating agricultural nutrient management in Maryland 

Stress Management for Farm Families

The University of Maryland Extension Farm Stress Management Team provides education and outreach on topics related to mental and physical wellness for farmers, families, and communities. Specifically, we focus on developing resources to alleviate stressors driven by financial, legal, or mental health issues.

Free Therapy Sessions for farm families. For more information. go to Farm Stress Management.

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