The Charles County Extension Advisory Council is a group of representatives from the county who have agreed to:

1. To serve in an advisory capacity to Extension faculty and staff in

  • Developing the overall Extension program,

  • Identifying problem areas in the community that Extension could address, and

  • Helping to establish program priorities.

2. To oversee and help maintain adequate fiscal control procedures for local non-government funds related to local groups and programs of the UME.

3. To assist with public relations efforts of UME to include but not limited to informing elected officials, clientele, support groups and the general public about Extension educational programs, activities and accomplishments.

4. To assist with identification and the building of financial support for University of Maryland Extension.

Council Members

Name Position

Steve Walter


Billy Moore

Vice President

Mike Mohler


Turner Coggins

Vice Treasurer

Paul Bailey

Council Member

Jeff Bossart

Council Member

Gilbert Bowling

Council Member

Karol Dyson

Council Member

Charlie Gardiner

Council Member

Ann Herbert

Council Member

Gale Kladitis

Council Member

Mary Agnes Swann

Council Member