FastTracking the UME Publications Process

Publications that appear beneath the UME banner should reflect the highest standards of excellence possible. That not only includes the scholarship and research that led to their development but the attention to detail that is necessary for effective publishing. All of our publications must meet certain standards in order to be prepared for both printed and online formats. This includes federally-mandated accessibility regulations as well as University-mandated statements. The majority of the latter are found within the UME publication templates and are added to a document during the publication process. Others are the responsibility of the author(s) who develop the drafts. With that in mind, the UME Publications Team has developed these Publications Guidelines. Each submission to the FastTrack system should follow these guidelines in order to make the review, editing, and publishing process as smooth as possible.

On behalf of the UME Publishing Team, welcome. We hope that you find the following resources useful as you navigate your way through the publishing process.

If you are new to the FastTrack process, or even if you have published with UME before, please take the time to read each page in the sections listed below. We will take you step-by-step through the process - from your initial draft to your finished publication - as we address the most common questions and concerns that authors have raised.

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. The Writing Process

  • 3. The Submitting to FastTrack Process

  • 4. The Editing Process

  • 5. The Publication Process

  • 6. The Periodic Review of Publications Process

Publication Designations

  • Extension Brief (EBR): A short (2-page) summary of a very specific topic/subject including an idea, method, practice, policy/rule, principle, program, research summary, tool, etc.
  • Factsheet (FS): An expanded overview of a topic/subject (3-12 pages) providing more in-depth and complete information than an Extension Brief.
  • Extension Bulletin (EB): A comprehensive collection of information (>12 pages) on the topic(s)/subject(s) that provides a broader understanding and specifics than a factsheet. Could also be a compendium of factsheets.
  • Extension Manual (EM):  A detailed technical instructional guide on a specific topic or program.
  • Extension Curricula (EC): A comprehensive set of planned instructional materials, e.g. lesson plans that include learning goals.
  • Lesson Plan (LP): A detailed description of the development, implementation, and evaluation of a specific learning objective.
  • Web Based (WB): Distance learning resources that provide instructional support on a topic/subject. This includes instructional blogs, presentation slides, instructional websites, etc.


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