How to find your Qualtrics account
13:16  |  Date: April 8, 2020

Qualtrics is a powerful browser-based tool for creating and distributing survey questionnaires and other forms. It has built-in reporting and can download data to statistical application systems. 

When you click the link button, you will be directed to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) to log in.

Note: University of Maryland Extension has a separate license from UMD.  The software has more features than a UMD license.

Qualtrics - XM Support

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Video Presentations

Qualtrics Creating and Downloading a Report Basics
Length: 2:24  |  Presentation by DoIT Training at Stony Brook University

Using an Anonymous Survey Link in Qualtrics
Length: 2:28  |  Presentation by Dr. Jesse Ketterman

Using Scoring Technique in Qualtrics
Length: 16:3  | Presentation by Dhruti Patel


Why do you want to consider to create a contact list?

Contact lists are mailing lists used to distribute survey invitations. Contact lists are also called panels or, simply, lists. They contain each contact’s name and email address, in addition to any other information you feel it’s important to include. The benefit of building a good, detailed contact list is that, in addition to making survey distribution easy, you can save information about your survey-takers ahead of time, and add it to their responses.

You may track who respond and who don’t, then send a reminder to the ones who don’t respond to the survey yet. You also may send a Thank You note to all people when your survey is terminated.

Qualtrics XM Support articles

Creating a mailing list

Managing contacts in a mailing list

How to Auto-Number Questions

To change a number in an individual question.

Click on the number to edit (you can use numbers or letters) on the top left of the question.

changing the number on question
Image from XM Qualtrics


Suppose you like your numbers to be in order. Then you can initiate the Auto-Numbering feature in Qualtrics by going to the "survey tab," clicking on "Tools," and then choosing "Auto-Number-Questions."

Screenshot Auto-Numbering in Qualtrics
Image from XM Qualtrics

For more information on Auto-Numbering, go to

How to add or edit the display logic feature to your survey

Using display logic on your survey can customize your questions to each respondent, especially when a specific question or answer choice can be different for each individual. The table of contents (see list below) is from Qualtics XM. It contains the directions for this survey feature.