University of Maryland Extension (UME) is a direct recipient of federal financial assistance and is required to establish a system of collecting and reporting data on participants in Extension programs. As employees conducting educational programs, each of us must be mindful of programming approaches that target residents who are considered underserved, underrepresented, and socially disadvantaged. UMERS is designed to capture the racial, ethnic, and gender (sex) data of our educational program participants so we can monitor whether we are meeting parity and, if not, make adjustments to our promotion and marketing to targeted audiences. 

UMERS Training: Changes to Gathering Data in Direct and Indirect Events in 2023
Video Length: 31:10  | Date: April 5, 2023  | Getting Started - Resource Sheet companion piece to 4/5/2023 Training
Presenter: Dr. Jeff Howard
Description: A training video on the recent changes in 2023 to the University of Maryland Extension Reporting System (UMERS) on data collection gathered for direct and indirect events. Dr. Howard shares the changes to the reporting system.

UMERS System Use - Overview of Federal Reporting Process
Video Length: 1:25:01  |  Date: October 20, 2022
Speakers: Dr. Debasmitta Patra, Dee Dee Allen, and Dr. Jeff Howard

  • Direct and Indirect Contact Reporting

  • Report Your Data UMERS