The following resources provide instructions for accessing training and promoting completed works.

Zoom (Web conferencing system)

Zoom is a web conferencing system that offers a variety of interactive features to help you collaborate and connect online. Zoom can be used to host an unlimited number of classes, office hours, and meetings online that can last up to 24 hours.  It is available at and as an integration in ELMS-Canvas. 

Your University of Maryland Zoom account supports meetings with up to 300 participants. You can increase your participant limit to 1000 by contacting the Service Desk.

Eventbrite (self-service ticketing/reservation platform)


URL Shortener

Faculty, staff, and students with a UMD email address can use the UMD URL shortener to convert any destination URL into a shortened URL. For more information about this service click on the button below.


PowerPoint Templates

The templates provided to you include two slides for compliance purposes, specifically for "Justice for All". Kindly ensure that these slides are always present in your presentations as required to remain compliant.

Resources for Accessibility