MD Forest Harvest Erosion & Sediment Control Forestry Green Card

Maryland’s Erosion Control Law and regulations specify the general provisions for program implementation; procedures for delegation of enforcement authority; requirements for erosion and sediment control ordinances; exemptions from plan approval requirements; requirements for training and certification programs; criteria for plan submittal, review, and approval; and procedures for inspection and enforcement. Proper design, installation, and maintenance of erosion and sediment control practices is essential to having an effective program.  MDE has established minimum criteria for effective erosion and sediment control practices.  The 2015 Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control are incorporated by reference into State regulations and serve as the official guide for erosion and sediment control principles, methods, and practices.

Individuals wishing to obtain Forest Harvest specific training and certification in Soil Erosion and Sediment Control for Forest Harvest Operations can contact John Hooven at or 410-827-8056, ext. 125.

To take the required training online and obtain a Forestry Green Card click here

**NOTE: If you are a Maryland or Delaware resident, you may qualify to receive this training at no cost to you. To see if you qualify for the Rudy Baliko Memorial Scholarship, click here to register.

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To report Stormwater and Sediment Control Problems contact the Maryland Department of the Environment at 410-537-3510 or 1-866-633-4686.