Declaration of Intent for MD-DE Master Loggers

As a Maryland Delaware Master Logger:

A.   I will strive to the highest standard of business and ethical conduct by:

  1. Operating my company as a responsible member of the business community.
  2. Striving to continually improve my business operations through training and other appropriate means.
  3. Taking an active role in local, state and national loggers organizations.
  4. Working to meet the landowner's objectives as long as they are consistent with sustainable forestry principles, federal, state, and local laws.
  5. Striving to maintain positive relationships with landowners, vendors, and customers.
  6. Doing my part to assure the logging profession has a positive public image.
  7. Working with peer groups and others to encourage all loggers to meet these standards.
  8. Acting responsible to uphold the integrity of the logging profession.

B.   I will practice sustainable forestry by:

  1. Designing and scheduling timber harvests to minimize erosion and other site damage.
  2. Harvesting and transporting timber to minimize residual forest damage.
  3. Striving to use all trees that are cut.
  4. Closing out the sale to minimize erosion damage after the harvest is complete.
  5. Participating in training and educational programs that meet the requirements of the sustainable forestry initiative to further my knowledge.
  6. Informing forest landowners of their responsibility to properly manage their forestland sustainable through sound timber harvesting practices.
  7. Recognizing the non-timber forest values such as wildlife habitat for both game and non-game species, wetlands protection, recreation, and visual beauty.

C.   I will comply with all applicable laws and regulations by:

  1. Operating my business to adhere to the intent of these laws and regulations, not just meet the bare minimum standards set by them.
  2. Working to change laws and regulations that are a disincentive to forest landowners and to the forest products industry.

D.   I will strive to conduct my business in full compliance with safety requirements by:

  1. Ensuring that all of my employees are currently trained in Standard First Aid and CPR.
  2. Ensuring that all of my employees have and use appropriate personal protective equipment.
  3. Providing training so that all of my employees are fully trained to perform their duties.

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