Custom Rates

Financial and economic considerations such as limited capital, untimely cash flow, insufficient labor, small acreage, or other reasons require farmers to hire custom service for field operations. Custom work charges are determined by demand and supply and are negotiated between farmers and custom operators. The purpose of this publication is to provide information on custom work charges in Maryland and to provide data to assist in decision-making regarding purchasing equipment.

Using Custom Rate Information

  • Custom operators use custom rates to compare rates with competitors.
  • Farmers use custom rates as a guide for machinery, budgeting, and financial planning.
  • Lenders, educators, and government agencies use custom rates for budgeting, advising, and analysis.

Rates that are quoted in this publication are expressed in different ways depending on the specific job (per acre, hour, ton, mile, bale, etc.). The rates provided are to help custom operators and farmers make decisions about rate charges. The prices reported are not official or established rates but an average of responses from the survey.

Reported rates include charges for machines, power, fuel, lube, and the labor/operator. These rates do not include the costs of chemicals, seeds, and other materials with the exception of hay baling materials and where noted (i.e. spreading lime).

Custom Work Charges in Maryland 2023


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