Maryland’s Right-to-Farm law is designed to protect agricultural operations, such as dairy, grain, fruit, vegetables, and poultry, or traditional forestry operations, with an affirmative defense to nuisance suits.

It is evident that the population in rural Maryland has increased along with urban sprawl. Population growth in Maryland has increased 10.8% in the last 10 years, which is a gain of 515,733 persons. Maryland ranks 19th in population and 5th in population density in the nation. Projections show that Maryland will continue to grow through the next 10 years. 


The following resources are to assist in the prevention or resolution of rural conflicts:

  • Farm women standing in front of a tractor and children sitting on thier toy farm equipment

    Farmers Advise Farmers: Maryland Farmers

  • Farm women posing for picture in their greenhouse holding a flat of flowers

    Welcome to the Neighborhood: Living in a Rural Community

  • Maryland Agricultural Conflict Resolution Service

    ​Maryland Agricultural Conflict Resolution Service is the official US Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified agricultural mediation program for Maryland, offering confidential assistance to help resolve agriculture-related issues in a productive environment.

  • Understanding Agricultural Liability: Maryland's Right-to-Farm Law (FS-995)

    This fact sheet can serve as another tool in a farmer’s risk management plans by providing information on how farmers can protect themselves from legal challenges from a nuisance or violation of an environmental permit. The information discussed in this fact sheet will not eliminate threats of lawsuits. Elimination of 100 percent of legal risk is not possible.