Maryland Dairy Industry Statistics

At a glance...

Maryland is home to over 42,000 dairy cows spread across 320 farms throughout the state.  In 2021, Maryland's dairy industry produced over 875 million pounds of milk and generated over $158 million in sales.

Where are Maryland's dairy farms located?

Milk Production Statistics

Statistic Maryland United States

Number of Dairy Farms

320 29,858
Number of Dairy Cows 42,000 9,440,400
Milk Production (2021)  
  Total (million lbs.) 875 226,258
  Milk per Cow (lbs.) 20,833 23,948
  Price Received ($/cwt) $18.10 $18.54
  Total Value (million $) 158.4 41,950
  Milk Fat Test (%) 3.99 4.01

Data from USDA NASS, 2022.


Farm Size: How do Maryland farms compare to others in the U.S.?

Similar to the U.S., the majority of Maryland's dairies are small (<100 dairy cows per farm).  In Maryland, the vast majority of cows (~80%) reside on farms that house less than 500 cows.