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Planning a Vegetable Garden

Charles County Master Gardeners Grow It Eat It presentation "Planning a Vegetable Garden." Watch the presentation!

Vegetable Gardening Planning

Starting Vegetable Seeds, Indoors and Out

Charles County Master Gardeners Grow It Eat It presentation "Starting Vegetable Seeds – Indoors and Out." Watch the presentation!

Starting Vegetable Seeds - Indoors and out


Waldorf Library Vegetable Plant Problems Presentation!

The Grow It Eat It (GIEI) Education project team held a garden vegetable talk at the Waldorf West library. The event was well attended and participants learned how to grow vegetables, troubleshoot plant pest and fungal diseases, and strategies. Watch the presentation!

Gardening for Food, Fun and Health

There’s nothing better than a homegrown vegetable or fistful of herbs fresh from your own garden—whether it’s a big backyard patch or an apartment window box.

The Master Gardeners Grow It Eat It program promotes backyard and community food production. We teach Marylanders and others how to grow their own affordable and healthy food using sustainable gardening practices in their home, community and school gardens.

You can start small or go big. We offer plenty of resources here to get you digging. Learn what to grow and when to grow it. Learn why beneficial bugs are better than pesticides, how to plant to reduce disease and how to save your back and your soil with best no-till gardening practices.

Great Gardening Guides

  • Video The Making of a Garden

    Getting Started

    All you need to know to create a garden from scratch, featuring Joyce Browning Horticulturist, Master Gardener Coordinator, Harford County.

  • Identifying Garden Pests

    Be a Bug Detective

    Mike Raupp, "The Bug Guy" for the University of Maryland Extension, teaches you the clues to use to find out what’s eating your garden.

  • Video Keep Bugs Off Your Vegetables

    Keep Bugs Off Your Vegetables!

    Winning the battle against garden pests without using dangerous chemicals from Mike Raupp.

Starting A Garden

All the Dirt on Winter Sowing Veggies, Herbs, Annuals & Natives (2024) - In this updated edition of "All the Dirt on Winter Sowing" series, Master Gardeners Molly Moore and Marlene Smith provide updated information on the winter sowing method for germinating seeds. They also include lessons learned from the experiences of other Master Gardeners and expand on companion-planting of native plants in the vegetable garden.

All the Dirt on Winter Sowing Veggies, Herbs, Annuals & Natives (2023) – In this edition of their “All the Dirt on Winter Sowing” series, Master Gardeners Molly Moore and Marlene Smith showcase the what, why, when, and how of the popular winter sowing method of germinating seeds. This time they include vegetables, herbs, annuals and natives, along with their experiences and outcomes with companion planting in the vegetable garden, as well as some of projects that use the winter sowing method.

Vegetable Garden Planning – In this PowerPoint edition of the Charles County Master Gardener GIEI Education Project team’s new series, Michelle Chenault, Beth Grem, Lori Guido, Kathy Jenkins, and Meg MacDonald cover the four P’s of vegetable gardening: Planning the site; Preparing/testing the soil, Planting/selecting food crops, and Producing/maintaining a vegetable garden.

How to Start a Garden

Want to Start a Vegetable Garden? Here's How

Sowing Vegetable Seeds in the Garden

Planting Vegetables

Caring for Your Vegetable Garden

Maryland Planting Calendar


Community Gardening

Small Space Gardening

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