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September 2022 | Volume 13, Issue 6

Spots on Honeycrisp Apples: What are They and How to Differentiate Them?

Zarah Ahmed, Candidate for B.S. in Physiology and Neurobiology & Macarena Farcuh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist.

What are physiological disorders? Physiological disorders can be defined as abnormal growth pat-terns that can impact the external and internal conditions of fruit. They are not caused by insects, pests, or mechanical damage, but rather by environmental factors or...Read more about Spots on Honeycrisp Apples

Bacterial Canker of Tomato

Jerry Brust, UME

A disease of tomato that we usually only see occasionally has been observed more frequently this year in several fields in Maryland. The disease is bacterial canker caused by the bacteria Clavibacter michiganensis. A common symptom of the disease is leaf tips and margins that are yellow surrounded by dark brown tissue (Fig.1), although at times there can no yellow border, which is typically due to the cultivar or the environmental conditions. Veins on the leaves can become dark and sunken. Leaves can wilt starting at their tips to their branches after which they die and fall from the plant. Systemic infections of bacterial canker usually occur on more mature plants that are growing poorly with the oldest leaves curling, turning yellow, and wilting. Fruit symptoms usually manifest themselves as small, round, raised white lesions with yellow margins, especially near the calyx.

Bacterial canker of tomatoes is often introduced into a field via infected seed or transplants and can be spread

by splashing water or plant contact (pruning and trellising). The disease can survive in soil debris for up to three years and can also survive on stakes (especially if wooden) or tools. Several nightshade species act as hosts for the disease. There are no spray treatments that are effective for its control.

  •  fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)  Image: Frank Peairs, Colorado State University

    Early Fall Insect & Disease Scouting

    Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)
    Image: Frank Peairs, Colorado State University

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Stinkbug Damage Found in Maryland Tomato Fields

Jerry Brust, UME

There have been reports of stinkbug damage in tomatoes in Maryland for the last couple of weeks. Stinkbug feeding damage is called cloudy spot in tomato fruit (fig. 1). It occurs when the adult or immature...Read more about Stinkbug Damage Found in Maryland Tomato Fields

Precautions Fruit and Vegetable Growers Should Take During a Boil Water Advisory

Neith Little, Carol Allen, Shauna Henley, UMD Extension

Early this month, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works issued a Required Boil Water Advisory for parts of Baltimore City and a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory for a larger portion of the city and part of Baltimore County due to E. coli being identified in municipal...Read more about Precautions Fruit and Vegetable Growers Should Take During a Boil Water Advisory

Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis from Strawberry Fields, 2021-2022 Season

Mengjun Hu, Department of Plant Science and Landscape

Architecture Strawberry Botrytis fruit rot, also called gray mold (fig 1), is a common disease that typically drives fungicide sprays throughout a season. Flowers are considered the gateway for the pathogen, and some flower infections can stay latent...Read more about Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis from Strawberry Fields, 2021-2022 Season

Sweet Potato Harvest, Curing and Storage

Gordon Johnson, University of Delaware Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist

Sweet potatoes for processing are being grown on Delmarva in larger acreages. These are dug using a modified potato digger, conveyed to trucks, and then are transported to the pro-cessing plant. In contrast, there are a considerable number...Read more about Sweet Potato Harvest, Curing and Storage

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    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations Guide

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    SARE Farmer Grant Call for Proposals Open

    We are now accepting Farmer Grant Proposals for 2023. The online system opens on October 1, 2022. Proposals are due no later than November 15, 2022 at 5 p.m.

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