Hop production
Updated: July 19, 2021
By Ginger S. Myers

Hop Production

The popularity of craft beer and micro-breweries combined with the growing awareness of buying locally-produced agricultural products provides Maryland farmers with an emerging crop production opportunity. Hops: Research the possibilities of producing this high-value crop right here in Maryland. Maryland and surrounding states have a good market for locally-grown hops.

  • American Organic Hop Grower Association
    Dedicated to the promotion of using organic hops, this Association works with brewers to ensure their access to sources and educates organic hop farmers.
  • Hops
    The University of Vermont
    Hop production was common throughout the Northeast in the 1800s. However, today most hop production occurs in the Pacific Northwest. Renewed interest and demand for local hops are breathing new life into this “historical” crop. To increase hops production in the Northeast, our team conducts a hops outreach and applied research program.
  • Local Breweries Presented by Tourism Websites:
  • New Meadow Bush Fruit and Hops Yard (pdf)
    The Southern Maryland Fruit Team of the University of Maryland Extension created this beautiful slide show, New Meadow Bush Fruit and Hops Yard containing imagery and resources about the yard located at the Central Maryland Research and Education Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The presentation also contains planning charts of the meadow and many other useful resources for hop producers. The information about hops begins on slide 15.
  • Northeast Hop Alliance
    The Northeast Hop Alliance website provides many resources for hop producers including newsletters, updates via an rss feed, events calendar, and a wealth of reports and presentations.
  • Hops Production in Maryland: 2017-2018 Hops Trial Growing Season Report and Best Management Practices (FS-1091)
    Andrew Kness, Peter Coffey, and corresponding author Bryan Butler, September 2019, University of Maryland Extension
    This publication details what we have learned from the University of Maryland hops project and includes current production recommendations for growing hops in Maryland. This is a multi-year study and partnership with Flying Dog Brewery that started in 2016.
  • Growing Hops in Maryland-A report on the progress of the East Coast Hop Project, A Partnership of the University of Maryland and Flying Dog Brewery (pdf)
    Bryan Butler, University of Maryland Extension-Carroll County
  • Hops
    Grapes and Fruit, University on Maryland Extension

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