Chicken exhibit at the State Fair
Updated: May 11, 2022
By Jonathan Moyle

Exhibiting Poultry

Many small flock owners like to exhibit their birds at county fairs or in poultry shows. Purebred birds are shown by breed or class as identified in the American Poultry Association (APA) Standards of Perfection which lists the classes and descriptions for each breed and variety. Before your poultry can be exhibited you will need to obtain a Poultry Premises Registration number, an avian influenza test, and a pullorum-typhoid test. Contact MDA for more information on poultry testing. For complete details of Maryland poultry exhibition requirements go to MDA’s website or contact MDA directly at 410-841-5810.


Maryland Regulations for Registering Poultry

In conjunction with biosecurity, registering your birds with MDA’s Mandatory Poultry Registration is an excellent way to protect your small flock. Not only are you notified of any disease concerns along with any poultry regulation updates within the state, you are issued a premises ID number that you can use as a marketing tool with your customers. Your concern of the health of your birds will be conveyed to the buyer by registering with MDA. If you have any questions on the Poultry Registration Program please call 410-742-6023.